Saturday, September 23, 2006

Satan's Mind Games at My Door Steps

Hola amigos. I know it’s been a while since my last rant, but planet earth hasn’t been kind to me lately. Btw, it had never occurred to me that my seemingly aimless rants had a staunch following not until my email gat kind of roughed up by numerous concerns, I mean complaints about my slacking. I am humbled by that gesture, but a lot has been happening that blogging just got relegated to the bottom of my to-do list.

Catching a break has never been my middle name most especially this month. I traded in my VW Passat a while ago for a Nissan Altima 2005 model under the notion that i will be saving on parts in the long run. However, that is not the catch though, because a couple of weeks ago the Altima was stolen for a teen joy ride. I did not even know of the theft until the cops came knocking on my door, mbu my car was found crashed in Ancaster and that it had been towed to Lockwood. That is the price you pay for having a house that has no garage and no drive way, anti you get to park on designated road sides! Grrrr!

Just like that my budget gat under intense threat ariko I have Liability coverage popularly known as one way insurance. I had to foot the extravagant towing bill and a daily parking charge at Lockwood as I settled with the police. If I had known that this car is a high risk car to teen thefts, I would not have departed with my faithful servant the Passat! Come to think about it, the Passat is even cheaper on gas (4 cyl), safer and rivarls the altima in handling. Jesus, what was I thinking?

Parked at the wreckers/body shop. I paid $85 a day plus taxes
for storage amounting to $387.60, never mind towing charges.
You see how unforgiving this world can be?

The dusty interior.

Atleast the engine seems to have survived the ordeal.

Adding insult to injury, three days ago Hopes finds his truck broken into and vandalized in a 7 storey parking building by the Jackson Square Mall. The passenger side screen or window had been smashed; the car phone plus other items like the CD/MP3 changer, music CDs (more than 50 of them; mostly Ugandan & 'bootleged' ofcourse), car ownership cert., auto insurance slips, two new tennis rackets, the Nikon D50 SLR camera (my favorite), personal letters and some other items intended as gifts to folks in Kampala and Kigali, stolen! Yet another dent into the overstretched budget. We are advised not to leave valuable belongings in our cars at a public parking lot, why Hopes did not heed to those warnings, which are plastered all over like grafiti, beats my feable mind! Anyways, owing to all that and other contributory factors blogging, people, has been the last thing on my mind!

This is Hopes truck with the vandals work in clear view.
That glass will probably cost him a cool $200 to replace and
about $50 labor charges plus taxes ofcourse.

Shattered glass all over. A huge vacuuming job for him

The phone mount and jerk glaring at the camera. That phone
is one thing I do not miss...

Lets forget all these calamities, my sense of belonging seems to have been restored kuba Hopes just bought a new digital camera, not a Nikon (because that would have cost a fortune) but a Sony's Cyber Shot DSC-H5! I am thrilled that at least I have a camera to carry with me and my kids whilst on a pilgrimage to East Africa. It may not be a SLR but sure has a huge LCD (far larger that D50's), 7.2 Mega pixels (compared to 6.1 Mega Pixels of the D50) and x12 “optical” zoom. I think it is worth all the bucks it costs. If you have some disposable bucks handy and you are a photographic enthusiast who can't afford those high priced SLRs, this maybe just what you need...a blast, thats what it is.

On a different note, please take a moment to watch this very enlightening video about our black children in North America and the education system that imposes mind degradation and self discrimination at a tender age. It displays how even today the minds of our black children are warped by the images they see in our country, from advertisements to the daily news... Check it out... Pay particular attention to the pre-schoolers who are given the choice between a black doll and a white doll..... See which one they think is bad and which one they think is good, and then watch as the little girl realizes which one looks like her... It's kind of sad for real... All I can say is do your best to show your kids that they are beautiful and can achieve anything!

I am out like the Nikon.