Saturday, July 23, 2005

Terror again!

Now, didn't somebody say terrorism is our top priority?

I am taking a breather from this punishing exam week and the tormenting heat when suddenly my program on tele is rudely interrupted with breaking news...another spate of terror reigning in London!! That's just sick!! Is somebody trying hard to bring the war from the streets of Baghdad to the Thames? The thought of that is horrifying, but what if roles were exchanged here and Canada gets into the picture? With our freestyle, bother nobody way of living, you are right if you suspected our Go and the subway system to be virtually un-protected!

News out of the Queens land are not encouraging lately, a shoot first policy? For once Hopes was right in our philosophical battles on current affairs when he said that the act of shooting that seemingly south Asian man near the London subway by the police was a barbaric act by trigger happy sectarians under the guise of policy. I stood by the police in this debate imagining that other factors remaining constant, the terrorists needed a strong message, until when reports clarified later that this was an innocent Brazilian gunned down in cold blood! Do not forget that this poor man tripped and fell on his face, before the policemen came over and shot him several times in the head execution type. That there spoke volumes about the London police!

What will be your course of action if you found yourself up against two evils simultaneously? Government on one hand ordering for conservation and home owners selfishly disregarding government's best efforts? Would you for instance call police or rat on somebody using more than two 10,000BTU air-conditioners, most especially when we can't seem to be pealing away from 40c heat which has caused some deaths or rat on somebody watering his lawn and flowers? People do not seem to get it!! Well, I have one extra air-conditioner, and since every Tom and Dick don't give damn, I am gonna turn it on until government comes up with incentives for me to conserve...there u go and u folks thought I cannot make a resolution? U are sooo wrong!

I have been promised a DVD of the funeral of my mom. Promised is an understatement, I expect it any time by DHL. Initially I was not in favor of having a funeral re-run but after consideration I have started to appreciate the value of this DVD that I can't wait to get hold of it. It is for sure going to bring closure and will be an archive for my kids to revisit their origins in future. Thanks Frank for your thoughtfulness.

We are hoping to be in Ottawa next weekend to check on my nieces, Mado, Emmanuel and so on. Cash is still hard to wrap at the moment but its a trip everyone is glad to make, but before Ottawa, we hope to be visiting with Hopes' cousin in Brampton that is close to Toronto. We need to take a leave of absence from our old Hamilton big time, if that doesn't relieve on our stress, nothing will. The other weekend we had a blessing of Pilo's visit with us and that to be truthful was a blast.

Finally, I am sooo happy my prayers were answered. Who said God does not listen? Don will be leaving politics after that long stint, phew. I gave Heineken a beating in celebration and probably that is the whole motivation for this trip to Ottawa for another primus well invasion with Emmanuel who is equally excited. Hey, and before I lose consciousness why not a Congratulations to Don.

I am out like this Heineken in my palm...