Saturday, February 12, 2005

Pills, Pills again

Primrose back to normal life in the back yard

I missed a stair to the basement and there i went like a sack of dried beans. No broken bones, but the doctor at the walk-in-clinic on Locke Street does not like what he sees with my knee after that fall. Anyways, he equips me with prescription for extra strength pain killers and anti inflamatories.

Why do problems keep popping up every time ones coffers are dried up? Extremely tight budget, as Hopes says in 'an expense/debt geared economy'. Thats why we need our kids back in Africa for some years with their Aunt in Remera - Kigali, to learn some manners and tradition whilst giving us a chance to sort out life here and fulfill goals...sounds selfish? Well, its the best idea i have come up with, though Hopes has not bought it yet.

I have just been reminded that my Aunt Olive Kigongo, will be visiting with us this summer from Uganda. Splendid, thats exactly what i need to reduce on my stress, i can't wait to actually see family again. Hopes' sister Julie, friend JB both from London UK, and his cousin Festo studying Medicine in Moscow will be here in summer too...busy summer and i am thrilled.

The Jury is out, no NHL hockey this season. Toronto Raptors saga is fast becoming another soap opera, atleast they gat rid of Vinsanity Carter who was tunking every game whilst with Toronto!! Hopes did not move a muscle today glued on tele rooting for his soccer team Chelsea who had yet another lucky win, as they say a win is a win!