Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Grace is back to Earth

This picture was taken at Mweya in Western
Uganda. I am sitted and my cousin sister
Grace is standing next to me.

What the hell? Wasn't it just yesterday that we had spring-like weather? Its snowing like there is no tomorrow, reminding us its still winter! I got home so early owing to this 'catastrophe'. Anywayz Toronto Raptors is hosting the Bucks, i am ganna get glued on tele despite Raptors poor showing in the Antlantic division lately. We got to win this one. I do miss hockey (NHL) pretty much...

My cousin sister Grace has been leaving messages on my voice mail. Tried like crazy to get hold of her in vain...i am worried she may have something big to fill me in for i have ot heard of her for centuries until now. Primrose doesn't seem to be in bad shape after her surgery, making noise as usual and her hearing abilities have greatly improved...Alleluya. Hopes has just enlisted Faith for soccer training pending qualification for a team spot at Westdale, God bless.

There is one family friend Mr. Ndungutse living in Ottawa. He paid a courtesy call 9 months ago and yet can not trace his email and phone to raise him up, i am getting mad over that people. I have to try Mado also in Ottawa to do the ground work for me.