Sunday, April 10, 2005

It is time for a developing world pontiff. A pontiff that will uphold the liberation theory of catholicism

Faith enjoying spring four days ago

Have you been missing me? Well, we are back and lots have happened since then. First, my internet connections got roughed up by web parasites seeking free high speed cable networks to take advantage of! That had to be rectified, and Cogeco did a splendid job cutting these kids off my IP address. U think i know what i am talking about? Phew, that lingua confuses me too.

Perhaps the biggest happenings were the passing of the pontiff. I was saddened, and gat glued on tele for a minute per minute updates, trying to figure out if he is dead or still fighting for dear life! When he passed, i gat over it and started whinning about this minute per minute broadcast of the vatican and the dead holy father! Hey, if he passes praise God, he is in heaven but don't have us watch that and only that for a whole week, like the world has suddenly stopped! Anywayz, trust my inconsistencies come friday on the papal funeral late in the night and i was there bidding farewell.

Now that the pontiff is buried and gone, the onus is on the Cardinals to do us a favor and elect another formidable pope. The talk here lately is about the shadowy democracy in the church. 117 cardinals will be voting for a new pope on our behalf! On our behalf? All these cardinals are appointed by the pope, so how can they be electing on our behalf? Something else, 60% of catholics live in the developing world, yet the vast majority of the voting cardinals are from Europe, no wonder Pope John Paul II stood for what is best for the Europeans at our detriment.

Catholics in Latin America and Africa for instance find the fight against gay marriage and stemcell research inconsequetial to their poor lives. Little wonder the rhetoric of liberation theory in catholicism is spreading like a wild fire to stand for the values of the poor like contraception use to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS which were regretably vigorously opposed by the departed pope.

Hard times are here people, so brace yourselves. The gas prices are going up each day, abnormal increaments that make no sense to my feable mind! Just yesterday a litre of regular petroleum was going for $1.35 in western Canada, and Ontario was fighting to be counted in this fiasco. How can we afford a litre at $0.90? That means everything here will take a biting if these lousy democratically elected govenments do nothing! The price of delivering a pizza to my door step has shot through the roof, hydro will go up even further, the cabs, grocery everything! Yet McGuinty has a nerve of saying he practically can do nothing at all! Hey, McGuinty, for beginners drop the gas tax...nothing u can do? Get out of here buddy, u must be kidding me.

Faith and Primrose are both going to upper classes starting tomorrow. Primrose for one is sooo excited after paying a visit with her new class the whole of last week. The new class has computers and that has impressed the small devil that she thinks of nothing other than playing on PCs. One thing that has noticebly improved is her speech, owing to the ear surgery she had a couple of months back. You see if toddlers can't hear properly their speech is affected as a result. U guessed right, she shouts, sings, repeats after everything, and makes hell out of her shell of heaven!

Something that is not getting off Hopes' lips (and we are getting rather exhausted by it) are the videos of his cousins' introduction promised to him by his other cousin living in UK. Timothy, called for just that, comfirm the address yet Hopes still thinks the videos will take another year to make their way into his deck. I suggest to him to have Timo send the video footages via email or web and have them downloaded on our PC here to no avail. Mbu he wants the real thing in his hands...

Did anybody read about this US Commission on Iraq report that was released recently? They found the intelligence on WMD in iraq faulty but that nobody was responsible! Who are these people kidding? The whitewash report found nobody responsible for this disaster, that left more than 100,000 people dead? Mbu, Iraq just happened and that it was a no-fault war!!! Instead it pats all the culprits on their backs. That Bush rewarded them is scandalous. Donald Rumsfield was re-named the pentagon chief, Rice asleep on guard duty on 9/11 is now Secretary of state, Paul Wolfowitz is the new world bank boss, but the biggest of all was Bush who was re-elected, proving Eric Morgolis' assertion that nothing succeeds more than faileur provided you keep the whitewash coming and you are a leader of americans.