Monday, May 09, 2005

Happy mother's day

Disembarking at Mohawk-McMaster University
(Institute for applied health sciences) for the morning

Somebody wondered why my postings are getting less frequent lately. Don't i know it? It had not occured to me that my sick leave will turn out sooo hectic. I limp to Mohawk early in the morning, then later in the day to St. Peter's hospital for that CS Tech course i went on about a while ago. There is too much to cover in this damn crash program that my brain takes frequent breaks amidst bombardments of overwhelming course work! Now i agree with Moesha, passing this one is ganna be optional, kidding!!

It has been snowing like crazy in Labrador!! Us, its been glory time as everybody seemed benevolent towards each other and giving their respective budgets a hell of a time! If u had not figured this out, summer pulls strings on even the stingest humans. This is when we happen to move alot (which means gas), getting tempted at every corner to depart with your hard earned cash under the guise of summer thrill. I wont list anything here, but i happen to find my self in acquisition of stuff i seldom use. Go figure!

Talk about summer, Faith got drafted into a soccer team and training commences this friday. That means another expense creeping into the budget, but for a good cause. She will have this thrill of competition as early as five yet exercising to cut on the chances of child obesity owing to our household bad eating habits. Hopes did quite a job introducing ball control to Faith the past winter at the Dundurn in-door soccer complex, probably improving on her chances of being drafted into a team.

Sunday was mother's day. Theoretically, we the mothers are supposed to stretch out as somebody else figured out how to 'mildly' run a home. Motherhood is hard work, real hard work but i must say, very fulfilling. Ever caught yourself biting your tongue as everybody around you try to give rounds of child rearing advice? Say, advice from a work mate who couldn't raise a flag, never mind a family? Or your friend with three little undisciplined trolls, promising to share everything she has learn't? Everybody means well, but the fact is that at 2:00am, after 3 sleepless years, motherhood is not much of a team sport. That there makes me realize i am not alone at this and that i am not going crazy. I am a mom!

Where is the parental advice when u need it? I mean these Dr Phil characters choking air time on tele! Primrose is having a meltdown at the No-frills grocery store, running around at full speed like it has never occured to her that a part-time 'cripple' like myself can't catch up! Shouldn't No-frills management have someone on staff for emotional clean up? A parenting expert who could give on-the-spot help, with a selection of approaches. Mothers hold crisis management skills but if u pulled out kibooko to smack the brut out of her everybody closes up on you for abuse!! Ladies and gentlemen i am trying like hell to lobby for a sympathetic 'happy mother's day' greeting from u here...IT IS REFRESHINGLY HARD WORK.

What a laughing stock the house of commons has turned out to be of late! Stephen Harper and Gilles Duceppe are so intoxicated with the idea of demolishing Paul Martin's minority govenment and their NDP backers that they are unwilling to wait a week to do the job properly. The other day's vote to unsettle events in parliament was deplorable in my opinion, however it made it clear-if it wasn't certain before-that the liberal govenment is on its knees and that the question of confidence needs to be resolved. Paul Martin quest to dumpen Creatien's legacy by seating on the scandal waiting for the oppotune time to pounce seem to have back fired to him. You reap what you sow Paul!

My doctor's office left a voice mail today that my tests and ultra sound results are back! That does not sound like music in my ears, for he seldom request for your attention if results are normal. Now with my list of ailments i can't help it but imagine another one is yet to be piled on. If my body is falling apart this fast at this age, what will happen when i get even older? The thought of that send shivers down my spine. By the way did i mention that Primrose's left ear was found to be blocked again? Jesus, what can one do to straighten this out once and for all? I am perplexed, and pleeease lights out.