Saturday, April 16, 2005

Spring is promising and Vinny's ain't out of pansies yet

Charity begins at home? That is debatable in my small world.

I have been reminded today by some gruesome news on tele from Paris about that big fire that engulfed a hotel accomodating homeless refugee claimants and the poor of Paris killing 20, that life is way too short and to be precise worthless. You are alive and kicking now and yet the script is changing fatally in the next few minutes! Hopes' workmate, a 35 year old athletic gentleman sets off for work as usual only turns out dead later of heart faileur! Now coincidentally without fear or favour, my brother Frank bombards me with a long letter asking me to watch what i eat and my weight for my sake! That raises red flags, don't you think? Thanks for that piece Frank, i'll take heed.

That reminds me, mbu the average North American weight has risen so much to the extent that innovators are coming up with larger toilet seats to accomodate this average weight! Did you ever wonder why everything North American is big? Burgers, trucks, school buses and now toilet seats?

Our Tanzanian family friend Juma dropped by excited about his new asset acquisition, a 7 seater van. He has this habit of inviting friends over everytime he purchases new wheels. He is excited not only that he is now a proud owner of a plymouth but, one, that he succeeded in selling his Sabre Mercury that had served him so faithfully over these years and two that his plymouth was a bargain at the car auction in Burlington. Come sunday, Juma and company will be loaming our neighbourhood to give us a joy ride in this sleek vaaaan! Mmmmh.

The weather is so kind lately that i am troubled it may be up to something fishy! We do not trust very much of late you know, but i am tempted to take a stroll to Vinny's for pansies plants for my garden this one time! People, clean out the planters and get your trowel ready. Spring blooming pansies are said to be arriving by the truck load at a nursery centre near you, in my case at Vinny's. Mbu these sun-loving blossoms warm the gardener's soul with their cheerful faces and preference for spring's cooler temperatures. But here is the catch, pansies are said to lower stress levels and depression! If i am to believe this theory, then i need them in bulk for christ's sake! Now the business world of flowerists and landscapers are taking us for a ride big time, i imagine.

My Nigerian friend from the 2002 Bsc. Gerontology class at Ryerson University showed up at my door for a sleep over virtually un-announced. No phone call, email, word of mouth...nothing! She happens to be the only African i know here who still behaves more african than our grannies in africa. Anyways, i loved her company then, so i toloreted her inconvinience. I am saying this because i was pissed off by Hopes and needed something to calm my frustration, and there God sent her. Hopes had dropped me off for my doctor's appointment, and the SOB melted off the surface to the Value village for a kids spring shopping spree. His phone was off or allegedly unitless, worse still i had forgotten to go along with my house keys... he shows up 5 hours later, go figure!! Where is a gun when you badly need one!

Believe me, you do not have to be in the loop, or read a daily and blogs or watch news on tele to know political trouble is looming for the federal liberals. With the sponsorship scandal and Paul Martin's non-chalant mumbles about his moral obligation to fight federal corruption, many conservatives are itching to topple this minority govenment in hope they can capitalize on public disenchantment with the liberals. I am certainly that federal elections are here sooner than later. Folks and you thought corruption was an african sickness only. Dead wrong!

Karla Homolka will be released from jail soon, actually very soon and public opinion has greatly gone against her release! You may not believe this, but it may be the third most discussed story from the Pope and the Ottawa sponsorship scandal. Hamolka made a plea resolution with gov't prosecutors to testify against her boyfriend in the sexual abuse and deaths of fellow teens Kristen French, Leslie Mahaffy and Karla's 15 year old sister, Tammy Homolka.To add a spin on this saga, the Ontario Attorney General comes out a couple of days back saying Ontario gov't is looking at ways of either re-charging Karla or restricting her rights. Whereas this was a bad deal with the "devil" it does not negate the legislature to exhibit less concern with the administration of justice and principles. Bwana AG arent the powers of the legislature fully divorced from the judiciary? I am just curious.

Vince Carter comes to town, this time clad in a New Jersey Nets and not a Toronto Raptors uniform. STRANGE! I won a ticket and went only to boo mama's boy to oblivion, but didn't he just show us he still has game? He virtually walked through Jalen Rose avenue for a 39 point drop in! Ouch, that hurt and it hurt big time.