Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tsunami rip offs possible?

Myself, Hopes and Primrose about to have dinner.
Faith took this picture. I sure look like the flu
coupled with that pain medication are taking their
toll on my 'fragile' body.

Is it Hopes or all men? Faith woke up screaming again this time loudly...but Hopes did not move a muscle, slept through the ordeal like a drugged cocaine addict! I am sick with a flu and i have lost my voice on top of this pain in my knee, but he seemed worse off than me sleeping away! Of-course i pulled the comfort of the blankets off him, and alas not even a nod! Do we live with a zombie? Ha, Ha...

Nothing seems to go Raptors' way! Now the Chicago Bulls come around loaded with sophomores and rookies only to take us to basketball lessons...disheartening perfomance Raptors! The good news, everytime they lose Hopes' appetite goes down thus a food preparation relief! No kidding, these losses saves us food and time preparing it. And u thought i was mean!

All my T-4s are here. Time for tax returns, last year Hopes did the tax for me and got a healthy return. He has not prepared his yet this year, how would i then go around asking him for another annual favour without making him feel like a small god?

The Gay marriage bill has been tabled in the House of Commons today. The Conservatives distancing themselves from the fundamentals of the charter of rights. I don't get it? Why should a civilized society feel so wronged by the reality/or right of equality amongst themselves! Conservatives, please knock it off, just get the govenment out of everybody's bedroom! That sucks!!

Somebody found his way to my door soliciting for tsunami relief...i do recall with utter clarity donating a few dollars to this same nameless face for the same fund a while ago. Well, i let him know that if he had come for Darfur relief or Northern Uganda or Eastern Democtratic Republic of Congo, any where with disasters, i'll happily depart with a donation to him again. Otherwise i thought he was a conman.