Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter and the March madness gift

This picture of Hopes was taken 6 years ago at the Mweya Safari Lodge senior staff residence, in the western part of Uganda.

I hope all of ya had a great easter. It came and passed quietly, nothing so special to talk about. It seems, unlike most holidays, people agreed to get holed up in their cribs and that is since friday. Weird. Still the debate over the passion of christ movie goes on the air waves. Somebody needed to collect some guts to portray exactly what Christ passed through in his quest to save us from our sins. He did not die mercifully as churches would like us to believe, it was brutal and the movie did just that! Just get over it.

After that heavy snow we received on Wednesday, we are settling now into warmer weather. I can authoritatively say, dumb all your winter gab into chests. Grab your shorts, flipflops, and shades for its about time. reports a high of 9c today, 10c tomorrow, 14c on wednesday, 15c God, with this widening smile i won't be blaming the muscles around my lips if they start to get soar.

I went to church yesterday, after a long time, alone. Nobody seemed interested in joining me for the good cause. The kids were deep asleep after a long day, so i decided its not worth having them on board if Hopes is staying put. This time i went to The Church of later day saints. Long sermons which are rather boring, but i must say very fulfilling and most important educational.

Who ever saw the pictures of the pontiff struggling yesterday must have shade a tear or two for him. I must say he is a resilient human being, for after failing to verbally communicate his sermon, the pope gave the saddened crowd a sign of a cross. Very touching. Can somebody please explain to me why the pontiff can't retire?

March madness reached its hype in fashion this weekend. Do you blame me for anxiously looking forward to the end of these church sermons after the saturday quater-finals NCAA college basketball thrillers? It is a shame someone had to lose. We are still debating, if Patrick Sparks' desperation shot behind the arc with 0.09 seconds remaining in sunday's quarters was a three pointer? Wasn't his foot on the line? Don't blame us for revisiting these match-ups, but the refs too needed 5 minutes of enhanced video footage and replays and still could not be certain! Wow! My money is on Louisville University because of their perimeter pressure defence and their zone breaking offense.

The Terri Schiavo's saga does not seem to stop perplexing me! It is not that this very personal ordeal is all over the waves, but the family feud over her has gotten so bitter and vindictive. Just the other day, they could not even agree on what priest should administer last rites or what will happen to her body after death! Medical minds agree that in such a vegetative state Terri is not surfering as the whole body is shut down, their is no quality of life to give, care-wise, most especially if she has been in that state for more than 15 years.

That brings me to Terri's parents, who i must say are being selfish. If for instance they are permited to look after their daughter and they happen to pass away 5 years later do the hospice or state then permit removal of feed tubes? Isn't that the same thing? And what happened to the wishes of Terri who categorically requested to have her go if she got to such a state. Look, the husband has tried emotionally and financially to to be there for Terri, he should get the benefit of doubt.