Thursday, February 24, 2005

Should the Ground-hog be impeached?

Primrose (in-front) and Faith (back) doing a karoake

That groundhog messed us up big time! There is this tradition that when the ground hog comes out from yonder and sees his shadow, then winter will be a short season. On 2 February, Mister hog happen to leave a favourable prediction of 3 more weeks of winter. It seemed logical at that time, not with the spring-like weather we enjoyed in late January, but that was a ride for fools for snow has been pounding us here with utmost cruelty! Don't i hate consulting with weathermen? This time around, he says next month will be snowy for 2 good weeks...somebody get me outta here.

I hope you did not take my quest for weight lightly, i just amassed 8liters of ice cream with the capuccino flavor, burgers, chips and classic coke in my freezer for the job. I amazed Feliste with my agenda, she thought i should keep this figure and that i am behaving villager'ish'.

That reminds me, a year ago i joined a weight watchers program that required me to live on vegetables and strict meal potionings. The results were magnificent, but it was an expensive diet and equally important i was so often hungry that i decided to quit. If the rule of opportunity cost applied then why not now for i am similarly happy full figured. I am not staying ridiculously thin to suit public opinion. Nobody is ganna tell me what beauty is or how to be beautiful, its in the hands of the beholder. Galz wacha!

Irma and Didi, Faith's longtime friends, called here today. I hanged around to hear exactly what 5 year old gals would be gossiping about and just like that one was mentioning if Andrew kissed Irma...gross!! I panicked, how would 5 year olds get into the know? It may be innocent now, but doesn't that sound weired to you folks? I mean by 12 years of age i had no clue the word even existed but again i didn't know how to use a type writer, yet a computer today is another set of toy to these minitures. These are going to be a load to handle come the sweet teen years of mood swings and disobedience. God forbid.

Something historic happened today, Paul Martin announced Canada would not be joining the American Missile shield program that is intended to promote star wars disguised as a North American buffer missile shield from rouge nations. The Bushites must be pissed off, but hey, Canada has to work in her own interest not USofA's interests, sorry! It took Martin centuries to finally decide on this, but better late than never. Atleast he agreed with Chreatien on this one...WAITER, one more heineken for the road!

Rob Babcock let me down this time! How could the Raptors of all teams be in neutral gear at the NBA trade deadline!! It seemed more than certain that Jalen Rose, Donyell Marshal and Eric Williams will be traded. Jalen is a super offensive post-up player, this guy can put up points in a hurry but his defence sucks, you would think his some sort of Jalen boulevard or avenue. My only hope Alvin gets off the injury list, that is one mean hard working SOB.

My Cappuccino ice cream is finished, i either refill my bowl or crush 'Namboole' The later seems attractive to my insticts now, even then i am so exausted that lamenting right now is a chore. People, i am drawing my curtains for the night