Sunday, December 04, 2005

Paul Martin CLUELESS

Clueless indeed!!

I have not been a citizen for a longtime, but even I know Paul Martin has been the worst federal Prime Minister in Canadian history. OK, I gather Mulronery was un-rivaled but come on, Martin must be some where at the helm of the total bust list of PMs. You should have been here when his cronies helped him topple Jean Chretien, how they sold him as a miracle worker with a touch of gold. I believe him when he asserts his innocence during that dark period of Liberal wastages and corruption, hey even the Gomery report exonerates him but this is how so incompetent Martin is that I am certain he has no clue whats going on with his own government and indeed on the streets! Shame.

Mr. Martin we are being robbed at the pumps, we are being gouged for electricity, the heating costs are sky rocketing at an alarming pace, property taxes are increasing unabated, day care services for our kids is simply unaffordable,, I am sobbing my skull out!

Now word from the grape vine has it that your provincial cousin McGuinty, Liberal PM of Ontario, is about to amend the Taxpayers' protection act to give municipalities overwhelming powers to impose and increase taxes at will. Hey, that reminds me, didn't this McGuinty distort this same Act when he introduced a health tax? Jesus!! Yet he figures a road toll on highways should be extended from Express ways to others like the QEW, Gardener, 400, 401, 403 etc Didn't we the electorate (the taxpayers mind you) pay to have these highways in place? If so, why should I pay for using the roads I built with my tax money?!!! GROSS!!! All this over taxation and increase in household expenses (hydro bills, union gas, daycare etc) and a wage that has remained constant is a recipe for disaster, atleast in my small world.

I have just joined the Christopherson's NDP campaign with my volunteer time and vote. This is certainly my only way to vent out against the deaf liberals. I am hoping Hamilton turns orange not red, ORANGE in favor of the NDP. Politicians have to be held accountable this time around...Paul, what have you done for me lately?

Last week, Hamilton's main stream media held an account of a Ugandan at a verge of deportation!! I was in total shock seeing her on CH news shedding tears with her plight. I know Edith Kaggwa since the old days of 160 Market street as a friend and also at St Peters Hospital as a workmate, but never had a clue, not even once, that her future was in such grave danger facing a removal order to an unsafe country she originally fled from. Did Immigration ever consider the objective fear for her life if deported or what happens to "similarly situated persons" as required? You would think somebody with three Canadian born kids could stay on humanitarian basis, but mmh I guess that is old news. Well, I feel sooo bad for her that I have joined a group of nurses at St Peters to petition Immigration Canada for the sake of her children. In my daily prayers she stays.

I have just noticed we have run out of milk for Faith and Prim but hey didn't we buy milk 3 days ago? Surely that doesn't suggest we consume more than 1 litre of milk a day...I do not want to believe that, but that is the beauty of 'bwiino' and that gatta change. I am sailing off to Fortinos to stock up despite the freezing weather outside, I have just ran out of options until when web grocery shopping catches up i just have no option bear with this bitter cold!!!!