Thursday, February 10, 2005

Back to day-care 4 Primrose

Faith and Primrose (at the fore front). Primrose is still recovering from a successful surgery. Both were getting ready for day care (Primrose) and Lower Kindergarten (Faith)

Bright day and the damn snow is melting! Primrose commenced her day-care 'duties' today, i must say she is doing pretty fine, thank God. I received good news 4 once, my passat has a minor problem on the alternator. I gatta do what i gatta do...replace the worn out bearings and the brush, i am thrilled its not something heavily taxing.

Hopes has been transfering Koffi Olomide music from tapes, borrowed to me by Lena a week ago, to mp3 and wav. He doesn't seem to be in hurry to do this seemingly small process and yet Lena is getting rather impatient. How to push this SOB to move (on my stuff) is still a mystery to me. I am ganna ignore his efforts, probably that way he'll do it faster...u believe that works?

Jesus! I am so exhausted, and i am debating if its worthwhile to devote time preparing supper! Ordering for pizza is so inviting, but isn't that junk? I am going berserk for i've never cooked before, nor made laundry until now! Society has promoted this cultural and moral slavery towards women to the extent that i am beginning to buy into this female emancipation thing.

Did anybody watch former Premier Jean Chretien testifying? This guy still has guts, i mean Prime Ministerial guts, men! Didn't he just reduce Paul Martin the current PM to a page boy? Hillarious!! Martin can not debate under pressure, a political under weight than his salesmen let us believe prior to the elections... i think i care less for the guy now! Chretien used to go toe to toe with the Washington morons, Trudeau style...Paul Martin, i am afraid we are yet to see u raise just an eye brow, u loser!!