Sunday, February 06, 2005

My Church in Ontario

The congregation of Stewart Memorial Church on John Street North, in Hamilton - Ontario. I am standing left of Pastor Horton and Remi at the extreme end.

This is probably the oldest African-Canadian church in Ontario. It was started by freed and escaping slaves from USof A. there are three Africans in the picture; myself (in a light blue suit), the towering Louis from Cameroun, one of the directors of Canadian African New-comer Aid Centre in Toronto, and Dr. Remi from Rwanda. Remi is Faith's god father.

Get munchie wid it

Primrose Bunjo; about to enjoy a home made snack

Look Who Is 5

Faith celebrating her 5th birthday.

This picture was taken on 25th January 2005, Faith's 'x-mas' without a Santa. A simple duo party was thrown for her and her daddy who was born a day earlier. Now u do figure what i go through each day with two Aquarious babies in the house. Damn!


Lol - Me

you are probably wondering who bears that all
smiles face....well, the host of this blog of course.
Folks, I have been trying my level best to hook
my lazy self on the blog craze...

I went to work, thats at St. Peters Hospital East
of central Hamilton, today grudgingly. The weather
man successfully managed to mess up this one
promising day! Ghee, i had to cope with Myrina's
(my work mate) long and unending lectures on
holistic care, 8 hours later my 'reliable' Passat
quits on me, that spelt a loooong walk home. Stressful,
but on the brighter side, i enjoyed the fresh air, the
cool breeze and my new blog.