Monday, March 14, 2005

Does the household and natinal debt have something in common?

Primrose falling in love with spring water. Milk is getting distant second.

Phew! Aren't i glad to be getting used to these clutches? I guess i had no real option but to get going, thats life mwatu. If i were in Africa wouldn't i be babying around having everything done for me? Here, no dice, nobody gives a damn. Chill and don't earn a living, with bills making there way to my mail box, i've got no real options people!

Talk about bills, just the other day i read in a Maclean's magazine about USA's financial woes and a foreseen future collapse of this screwed empire when it suddenly occured to me that our plush North American lifestyle to which we are accustomed to is all on credit and debt! No kidding, we are in a debt geared economy from household to national level! What will happen when the bill is due? Jesus mackerel!

Both Fausta and Juma's family have been here to give me some company and help out domestically. I had a moment or two to baby around but all that was short lived. I have a gluesome duty now to come up with a convincing explanation to how Juma's glass dish, in which he carried pillao for us, broke!! Faith reiterates that Prim just pulled the table cloth on which the bowl rested and plushhh, it met with the floor!

Faith in her second year on this planet never really gave me hell, like Primrose is doing! She only used cry if there was a serious need to. In the contrary, Primrose runs riot at a slightest opportunity. She has messed up with two DVD players already, the 200 disc player of the Kenwood system is close to mulfuction. Prim probably figures its a microwave and keeps stuffing slices of raisin bread in there! Look at the walls and u would think we are trying out some kind of graffiti. I am still blessed she hasn't made the oven her bed yet!!

Uncertainity in a purely capitalist world of ours is no stranger. On friday employees and clients of Jetsgo woke up and were stunned to learn the airliner has collapsed with no apparent warning! Can you imagine dressing up for work, watch a little bit of morning news, drive to work and get to office only to be asked to pack your stuff in office as a farewell? What about clients that gat stuck at airports with worthless Jetsgo air tickets! Sue somebody, do something, i'll be behind u rooting for your cause.

Hopes' friend Walugembe, studying for a chartered Accountants certification in London UK left a brief message on our voice mail today. He better not be trying to opt out on his long awaited visit to Ontario, for his company is fun and always makes friends that easy. Walugembe, while working with Uganda Revenue Authority, used to visit with Hopes whilst at Mweya lighting up the Mweya community with his funny bar stories and his loud brothers. I particularly remember them in a big red SUV, i think a prado or landcruiser, singing away like pirates. Oooh those were fun times.

Does anybody watched the American idol lately? Well, we have finally arrived at the toughest stage of the competition where courage and wits far outweigh talent. I must say the boys are sooo good, the gals i am afraid you need some 'do,re, mi...' lessons otherwise you are somewhat there. Come tomorrow and the fun club of myself, Faith and Primrose be glued on tele for the show.