Monday, February 28, 2005

Spare the rod & spoil the child rhetoric under attack

Hopes taking some 'time off' to take a picture

I can't believe this, but its snowing like crazy around here! Owing to this, i have decided i am ain't ganna drive home, just call me a cab. I leave my car here at work. Yup, i know what u are thinking already, that its uncalled for misallocation of my scarce resources, but i do value my life and the life of my kids. The visibility is terrible and the roads so treachorous! You may drive responsibly slow and then some intellectually challenged bum comes speeding and then skidding into you, just like that. I am not kidding, that has happened with lots of people i know. Bad things happen to good people!

I have to go for my Calculus test, but Gabbie isn't here yet to help me with the kids. She goes to a High school in Westdale and with these storms, it will take her a while to be here! Gabbie's mom, Sheilla, is doing her test with me too, at least i'll have somebody to share test frustrations later.

Primrose is so proud of her hair that she is paying constant visits to the mirror to admire Geoggette's work. Kids!! Just when u think she hates everything about doing her hair, then she starts feeling hot and walking tall, please knock it off Primrose!

There is a message saved here on our voice mail for Hopes. His place of work advises him not to file his taxes yet, for the totals on his T4 were wrong. The problem is Hopes filled his taxes already, meaning his tax accounting was based on wrong figures. The good thing is that it was not a fault of his own making, so no fraudulent charges may come his way. The ornus is on him to correct these errors, before auditors do!

I read from Hopes' blog and indeed on BBC news, that Burundians are lining up to vote. This explains why several Burundians i know here in Hamilton have vanished in thin air. Rumour has it that somebody is paying for their return tickets and up-keep to go back home and participate in the voting process. I still wonder how on planet earth, for once, somebody did not mistake me for a murundi. I would have grabbed that ticket without hesitation, trust me. My only hope is for that country to have an everlasting peace.

My leg is swollen, can it be a consequence of my knee problems or does snow have anything to do with it? i wonder! I need this surgery pretty bad, but it seems the clock is getting way too pedestrian. I hope by then i would have accumulated 600 hours at St. Peters.

I heard some MP tabled a bill in the House of Commons to ban corporal punishments to children by parents!! Now, that there is taking legislative duties way too far. Why should the government impose its wishes in our homes in the first place, when its us parents who get stuck with spoilt rotten kids? Actually, Faith told me once that she and others in her class were advised to call 911 when 'mum or dad are beating you' disgraceful!! Spare the rod and spoil the child the bible says, so Mr. MP give us a break, for christ's sake!