Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I am getting older, wiser and 'pleasantly plump'

It is quite evident Primrose had junk for dinner. How then can i explain ketchup on her lips?

We are enjoying the day like there is no tomorrow. Who can blame us? Today has been bright and relatively warm that putting on a jacket would make you an instant member of the anti weather club. On a lower note though, some flurries are expected for tomorrow, just as we imagined we are out of this winter quagmire, mother nature pulls us back! If Mel Gibson could talk to that son of a know that guy in the passion of the christ movie? Well, his father needs a humbled reminder to set the clock right. Mel pleeease, use your connections buddy.

Something interesting came screaming to my attention the other day as i was surfing the net. The govenment in Rwanda (by that i mean the President), decided one morning that all junior ministers should not be cruising in poshy wheels, like Prados, as they are expensive to maintain! It all sounded splendid, until when it mentioned that soldiers way laid unsuspecting ministers to impound these cars that same morning!!! LOL, soldiers impounding ministers' cars in public that same morning and without notice? Jesus, wasn't there any civilized way of doing this? Africa!

Did i ever mention that Hopes ran a red light sometime back, way back and the redlight camera got him in the act? Despite all the evidence, as in photo of his truck clearly running the red, Hopes refused to depart with $200 for the fine, opting for court to challenge it! Well, today was his court appearance and was seeking for adjournment awaiting for the results of an appeal in a similar case in London Ontario, blah, blah, blah. He comes back crestfallen, that London appeal was overturned which rendered the basis of adjournment in his case obsolete. Poor SOB had to plead guilty as charged, but atleast managed to have his fine reduced to $90 payable in three months. Wow, thats one lucky SOB.

I have just perused through Zaina's email. I am thrilled she finally responded, though it took her centuries to do just that. I imagine paying a visit to an internet cafe may cost a fortune in Dar-es-salaam, but better late than never.

By the way she mentions how much tons i have amassed. Didn't i mention somewhere in my lamentations that i ceased worrying about society's perceptions of plump? Well, Zaina my dear i am free like a bird, free from self ridicule and public bondage. I may have resented being plump then, but today i do not, i decided to have my free spirit make me be ME. A word for you my dear niece, always follow your instincts and do what u love, not what public opinion labels kool for even the goal posts for kool keeps on changing. I have no clue to what i have just said...ha, ha.

Fausta was here again, this time for keeps. Anyways, she picks me up to have me visit with her in their mansion up in the mountains. Great neighbourhood but so distant and unaccessible to public transportation. A quick message to Hopes to make it a point to pick me up at 4:30pm after his court appearance. Fausta happens to be a good cook, it did not take alot of convincing to make me eat away all the samosas she was preparing for her family whilst yapping away in kinyarwanda. No mercy Fausta, inviting me to visit with you was a big error! That was a great and enjoyable evening though.

News is just out that Robert Blake has been acquitted for the murder of his wife four years ago. I had predicted long before that until the prosecution came up with compeling proof that exhibited certainity that Blake assisted God in his duty, then there was no case for him to answer.

Unfortunately for Peterson, the jury's penalty is death!!! Now, lets get serious here, first you find somebody guilty in a criminal case on circumstantial evidence, and then you sentence him to death? Are u kidding me? My taking here is that Peterson is appealing this decision and unless the prosecution does its job to prove beyond reasonable doubt, this guy may be acquitted! My ear is on the ground people.

The Toronto Raptors battled the scoring machines of Boston Celtics all night only to lose by just a point! Oh my, the officials simply tucked away their whistles and matched off for a snack, or it seemed! No calls for obvious fouls men, somebody gatta remind you folks that this is the NBA not College basketball of NCAA, blow those whistles for christ's sake, blow them!