Sunday, March 13, 2005

Successful OP, thank God!

Faith on her laptop, just after picking me up from my OP perfomed at Mcmaster hospital in Hamilton, Ontario.

Didn't i mention some weeks back that i was actually looking forward to my knee surgery? Well come D-day and anxiety took over. It suddenly bestows to me that everything may go wrong, i may come back crippled for life! Jesus, evil thoughts and pestimism overpowered my will in just a blink, but Hopes would not hear nothing of sorts, whatever!

My daughters had to be picked up from shuleni as early as 1200 hrs, for my surgery appointment was 0100 hrs, but to my astonishment nobody wanted to hang around! Both Faith and Primrose were actually napping all through the gruesome trip to hospital and for Hopes what a God sent excuse not to stay, mbu he had to have the kids in bed for their afternoon naps! Go figure! It turns out that no visitors were allowed in the OP room anyways.

Have i not waited patiently for this for a year now? Well, it come and passed in a blink. I had no clue what went on as i was put to sleep all through the process. It is still early to gauge the success of this OP, but to tell you the truth i feel rather relieved its done with. The task at hand now is how i'll go up and down the stairs at home. The bedrooms are 15 stairs up the second floor and the basement is 12 stairs. Does that suggest i make a bedroom in the lobby or what folks back home call sitting room? Oh, God i have just realized the washrooms are on the second floor, pleaaase i just can't win!

I am going to be stuck at home for 3-4 months recovering. I am not yet gotten around using these mobility assistance devices or walking sticks, clutches, whatever. I have been in touch with various Physiotherapists for favorable quotes, but it seems i won't be catching a break! The charges seem to be in the same range. I am thinking they all agree on charges, so it actually is some sort of monopoly. Meanwhile my Employment insurance cheques won't be coming for the next 3 weeks, talk of bureaucracy or red tape and yet no break on bills. Ha, ha one can not win in a purely capitalist world.

Hopes took three days off from his place of work, to be precise he asked for a leave of abscence. However, he got cornered by either stomach flu or food poisoning. I am leaning more towards food poisoning as we are living a lot more on packaged foods or what sadists call 'junk foods' You can imagine the chaos that enveloped the house, with nobody capable of being wholly useful to the kids. Faith, knowing how to operate the microwave, kept feeding her younger sister with all the junk possible. Thank God we survived the ordeal.

As if the Micheal Jackson's court saga wasn't enough, somebody goes on rampage in another court room killing the presiding judge and two others. Before all that sunk into our brains, somebody else ruins a church service killing eight people!!! The other day in Alberta, a crook ambushes the RCMP officers at his marijuana farm killing 4 young cops! Madness!! And i thought i have problems...apparently these folks are way off the mark with more problems imaginable! I don't buy that, if you are so messed up, why go on rampage? Just commit suicide and let others live!!!

March break is here people. That means NCAA march madness, spring and Easter. By the look of it, spring does not seem to be in hurry to come around town. We are getting used to that though. The real thrill is the March madness NCAA tourney shown on different tele channels all weekend. I am actually rooting for G. Tech and Duke for no apparent reason. Hopes' UNC was knocked out unceremoniously by G.Tech. I am pumped up people, this is my day.