Thursday, March 03, 2005

Its official, i owe the Feds tax money

Faith trying out her jungle puzzle

Everybody figures its easy to be me, you are dead wrong!! First my first attempt to file for my tax returns with McWalter Accountancy firm on John Street North, revealed that i owe the govenment more than $2,300!! That, there was a knock out for if i am broke how will i make these refunds...crazy system! I was hoping for 'manna' from heaven.

Hopes suggested to me to consider housing rent, donations and RRSP contributions for tax relief. The question is if he is right, would they be significant enough to tantamount to a relief? Where is the saviour when you needed one? The waiting game begins now.

I can't say much about that calculus test! Its true, i have never come out of a testing room clueless about my perfomance. Wouldn't a normal person tell if that exam or test was his waterloo? But here i am not knowing exactly where i stand. That is a horrible sign of what is to come, but its just a test and tests are mean't to gauge your understanding of the subject matter prior to an exam. I am doing a lot of positive consolation to myself. U go girl.

Faith now feels her hair needs re-braiding after seeing Primrose's new braids. She has tounting me for the past two days relentlessly. Hey, i don't have money for that, Hopes is not interested in having her hair done yet and Geoggette is tied up in tests at McMaster. It seems the polite 'no' and 'please understand' aren't succeeding, so tomorrow 'kiboko' is ganna be added to her vocabulary for measure. Probably that will exhibit seriousness of purpose on my part!

I still can not get hold of my cousin Grace in Kampala. It seems my calls are so secondary to the operator that there is often high traffic on her line or provider, that i innevitably can't get through. I sincerely hope thats a joke, in this world of fast changing technology we wouldn't be scoping sooo low...confusing! Grace, if u happen to read this, take my advice and dump your providers. I hear there is a health tele-communication competition in Kampala too, exploit it sweetie.

I have not heard from my niece Zaina in Dar-es-salam for quite a while. Just yesterday, i dreamt about Zaina strolling around our backyard. If i am to read the letter in the envelope, it would suggest she will be visiting with us or making Ontario home soon. I really need to know from her how her mom is doing lately and yet she has not returned my emails yet, which is unlike her.

Something is really wrong with my leg, its sooo swollen that i am afraid to put on shoes! This is gonna be tricky with winter still making a point. I managed to buy myself supersized shoes or rather snickers to ease my locomotion, only to realize an over sized shoe is the greatest safety hazard. I have just eased myself into a primitive locomotion. I need to know what is going on with me, and i sicerely hope its not gouts on top of high blood pressure!! Now i have to bug Hopes to return these giant snickers to Walmart for a refund and pray he doesn't use the refund to refill his tank! Talk about running out of options.

It seems i can't win in this house! Just the other day i prepared rice for four meals hoping that will be time saving for myself. Thats what average folks do here, since there isn't adequate time to cook fresh foods all the time, like it is back home. Anywayz back to the point, my fellow dwellers have decided not to buy into this project and think there is too much rice monopoly on the table. That means i wasted time and money in the first place. Nope, this has to end, a cooking time table has to be agreed on or else no food, period! Did somebody mention packaged cooked meals? That creepy junk will soon be high on our food chain, or else i die of stress!

Toronto lost a close one to San Antonio Spurs yesterday. They did not seem to have much of a chance, but crept back into contention in a crucked but effective way. Meanwhile these NHLers are still stealing headlines each day, now we hear the players association met and the owners met too on different occassions...somebody seal these bufoons' fate, i am puking already!