Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Yesterday was auto insurance and heat costs, today day-care and hydro costs going up, tomorrow...?

Faith (5) and her sister Primrose (2)

It is a week now since i last whinned about life here in Hamilton. A lot has happened since, by that i mean A LOT! First, my pre-OP is complete. That, folks means i am ready for surgery! Ready? Not literally for christ's sake! Anyways, tomorrow my long awaited OP will be carried out at the McMaster Hopsital and rest my hope on the competence of a faceless surgeon. God be with me.

Not again! When is winter calling it quits? A snow storm warning has been aired for the next six days!! Please, just give us a break! As if thats not enough its snowing already for good measure! Let me know of anybody able to talk to the almighty, my message is in writting this time just in case he does forget i prayed hard for spring!

Day care costs are going up by 5%!!!! Ridiculous is an understatement. Look it seems everything here is going up, and yet the ontario wage rate remains constant! Does the Mcguinty govenment have an economist? If they do, he is succeeding in creating a poverty striken province. We have been paying a daily day-care charge of $38.00 per child, just do the math for 2 kids in a month and go figure! And u thought that is crazy, well hydro is going up by 3.5%, mbu to put it at par with actual costs of energy! Thats bull sh*t!! Do we have to go to welfare and social assistance to survive? Mcguinty you sure have lost my vote.

Today, was my last day at work before surgery. If you happen to mention surgery to a Canadian, they tend to measure you up for a rating. What size of breasts are u going for? Mmmh, lip enhancing surgery? Fat reduction? Dental? The attention seems to be on cosmetic surgery if its a woman. Absurd! Well, after explaining myself to co-workers again and again that its nothing of the sort, i escape to the confines of my car relieved, only to be tied up in a bad traffic jam, thats when it occurs to me that because of the endless necessity to make ends meet, i spend more time at work and in trafic jams than at home with my kids for negligible returns.

We slave hard to make ends meet, pay burdensome taxes, meet our obligations for virtually nothing! Yet, some folks sit back at home and get social welfare assistance, free everything including day-care, and all the time to meet their wishes but being paid for by my taxes. Why should i toil for such people? I do not get it! I am thinking may be i become another lazy bum straining govenment coffers to get even. I'll repeat this, just so you do not think i spent the evening on Heineken, get on welfare. Phew, thats off my chest.

Faith is growing alarmingly fast for my liking. I have just noticed all her size 6 pants are shorter. Didn't we just buy them like a month ago? Normal 5 year olds get tucked in size4-5 pants, but now we have to go shopping for size 7 for the princess! Faith you sure are proving expensive if you ganna need new set of cloths every month. I can't wait for summer where she can put on as scant as possible, in the name of material economy.

The federal govenment of Paul Martin survived a vote on the budget that would have brought to its collapse and new elections. To survive three times is a miracle to these subdued Liberals. But again, i do not think its in the interest of the Bloc Quebecois and the Conservatives to have new elections now. The Martin Liberals do not seem to be capable of shaking off the shadows of Jean Chreatien, who was hawkish a liberal PM, but atleast everybody knew exactly where he stood on issues.

Strange things never seem to tire. However strange Micheal Jackson is, his trial is fast becoming a gauge of greed on the part of the prosecutors. It turns out there isn't any physical evidence to support the charges, just hearsay from witnesses and the allegedly abused kid! These prosecution witnesses keep shooting themselves in the foot, oh pleaaase! In my court, the pendulum of benefit of doubt has suddenly come to the wako's side until further notice.