Sunday, June 19, 2005

HEAT and SMOG alerts are becoming a norm.

Bracing for the day's hussle.

I have not had a great recess from the blog in the actual sense! First, my mom's health worsened, so ill that she is bed ridden. I am mingled in guilt over my inability to make it to Kigali to be by her side! To make matters worse, Immigration and Citizenship Canada do not seem to be in hurry to steamline my ability to travel ....yes, i need my passport, for christ's sake!! They do not seem to figure that out, its been a year now!

The latest is that the family have gathered to ensure quality of life, but to imagine i am not there with everybody has such a distraughting effect on me that i seldom have a good night sleep or concetrate in class! That reminds me, i wrote some mid-term exams a week ago grossly un-prepared!!!

Just the other day Hopes' insincerity reared its ugly head! He said, I am working up myself the wrong way, and that I am soon becoming chronically distressed! Mbu, people with extreme worries and negativity are twice as likely to develop some form of dementia. So much for a shoulder to lean on!!

This is the first day of summer. I usually enjoy spring more than summer because of its mildness. This time around, mother nature acted like the middleman's (spring) existence is of no use, just like that we were having extremely hot and humid temperatures in spring!! We can't win with mother nature, it is sooo cold during winter and so damn hot during summer! Have u ever wondered why people here stroll around half naked? Well, don't look any further, just pay us a visit this time around and you'll be glad that you live somewhere else!

Faith commenced her soccer thing earlier in spring. The Junior Kindergarten League kicked off like 10 days ago and Faith's team has 'succeeded' in losing on consecutive outings! It is fun watching kids go at it with no apparent ambition, kicking the ball to whom it may concern. Faith seems to be at ease being a goalkeeper, but her coach still insist on a forward position. The heat and smog advisory warnings have however had numerous fixtures posponed. By smog i mean a combination of humidity and pollution! Mmmh, i wonder what summer has in store for us.

Hopes' thrilled for having his papers on was it Financial issues and the elderly and another on Elderly abuse in Canada sold over the internet for $35 each. Poor guy figures he can make a buck or two this way. This is where i disagree, doesn't that constitute to abetting academic parasites and the lazy cheating students? Making your own research work for your mid-term assignments available for sale on-line is gross, most especially if your paper was marked, but again thats me.

A Ugandan medical imaging professional, was sentenced yesterday under a mysterious law, to a jail term for having unprotected sex with multiple women, knowing that he is HIV positive and not disclosing this fact to any of them! That was horrible, brutal and in my opinion, first degree murder! But the way 'wazungus' crumble at the feet of our black 'bagabo' with less worry about their marrital status, u would kind of think they deserve this unfortunately!! For this Ugandan guy, please may u rot in JAIL!!

Hopes' cousin Festo confirmed yesterday that he will be here on 2nd of next month. We have not heard from his sister studying in London though, her trip seems much in doubt. Walugembe, Hopes' friend studying Chartered Accountancy in London just gat dissed at the highcommission, mbu being single with no kids was the reason for his being denied a visa. That reminds me, didn't Auntie Olive Kigongo promise to pay us a visit this summer? I better get on phone to confirm this. I am out.