Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The prodigal Treo phone

LOL!! Faith trying out the peek a boo on me?

Halleluya, i just found my Treo 300 mobile phone that went missing last month! You will not believe this, but all along this phone was tucked away in one of my dirty laundry trays in the basement! I have been trying to save on energy by washing what is necessary on 'just in time' basis, but with this revelation the writting is boldly on the wall, 'do laundry as often as possible'.

I am thrilled about going back to that organized broad with the PDA, MSN mobile, and mp3 treats on the phone, i am back to mars.

I can now walk around with ambulatory assistive devices. The clutches are gone thank God, but i have not paid for them though, since i have no insurance to meet such costs. Good enough the hospital bill for these clutches has not reached me yet which gives me a chance to postpone an expense for now. Whatever i got to do, its important i kept good grip on my finances in this cash strapped period.

Hopes is off duty today, but to tell you that he has vanished in thin air as always is an understatement! I waited for him to do some erands for me but in vain. He did not use his truck owing to gas hikes, probably the public transit system is screwing him up! Who cares, he gatta be here when he is needed!

Spring is here at long last!! We had some flurries here and there and probably tomorrow, but the sun has been out with vegeance and life is back to normal. No complaints. Today, i actually sat in my back-yard with nothing amazingly warming on.

It has just occured to me that easter is next door, i wonder why the business community has not sprung up with easter sales yet, trust me they look for ways to persuade us to depart with our hard earned kwacha, but this time silence...STRANGE! Mmmmh, very strange.

The Kyoto debate has reached goliathan heights here. I give Kyoto a thumbs up, but again we need a viable alternative that compliments the Kyoto strengths. Canada is huge and very cold, we need heating now to survive these brutal winters, yet heat generating plants can not be made environmentally friendly. Canadians are not wasteful consumers of energy. The greenhouse gas emissions tell a different story of need to survive. We need to keep from freezing in the winter and dying of heat prostration in the summer. If u guys had been here this past winter you would be agreeing with me in principle.

I read something, probably in the New Vision, that my cousin Cedric Babu has resigned as the secretary of the Uganda Tennis Association. Cedric, Dr Mbonye and their UTA committee had put Ugandan tennis onto the map that both gentlemen will be greatly missed. However with Cedric's love for the game on my mind, i find it hard to believe the reasons he is forwarding for his resignation. Anyways, good luck Cedric atleast you tried sowing some seeds.

It has taken the average American 5 years to come to the realization their country is facing doom! But, again it was there in plain black and white, even before the elections but blew their chance to rejuvinate the economy with a different school of thought. Now all stream line media is doing is to hammer on ballooning trade deficits, budgetary deficits, decreasing revenues, increasing national debt mention it they have probably said it! its a little bit too late you moroons, you joined dubya in playing mind games with the average joe! Phew!