Sunday, January 15, 2006

Old Wine in New Bottles

Paul Martin and Steph Harper, one person picture from Rick Mercer

Before I am overwhelmed by my self centered excitement, please be invited to Rick Mercers' political humour, where he gives us a sneek peek at Harper's intended war room cabinet Happy Newyear!

The year is still young and yet we are moving in turbo gear. First we finally heard with utmost relief from specialists that Hopes has nothing close to that dreaded cancer, hurray...we can live with that. He gatta drink lots of water and cranberry juice, avoid cholesterol rich foods and beer though. Secondly, the new semister at McMaster University commences with lots of assignments, we only just begun for christ's sake, why the hurray with assignments?

Talk about McMaster, we got bombarded with political literature for different candidates on the very first day. Do I have to move around in a Jack Layton's NDP outfit to make a point? Hey, I am a decided voter ready to pounce on to Martin's Liberals with my 'reality check' big stick. The Tories are having a great time in the campaigns, that worries my far left liberal school of thought, but if they arrive to Ottawa with a minority mandate that will help shake things up for the better I suppose and perhaps teach the Liberals a thing or two about the significance of segregating the culture of entitlement from their intergrity political rhetoric they so annoyingly romantize about.

There is something wrong with the weather lately. It is always fierce winter blizzards and windchill alerts in January, but when winter flirts with spring around this time of the year you know it is a rare bonus right there. If we continue this way, I am ganna be tempted to discard my winter boots and all that snow attire I bought for a fortune and wonder why I ever bought them in the first place.

I watched a news clip on CBC World about the election campaigns in Uganda, when Dr. Kiiza Besigye's platform zoomed in. I couldn't help but wonder how lucky Ugandans are to choose their leaders not on personality or looks but on meaningful traits of leadership and manifestos. If Besigye was here, I am more than certain that his looks and charm deficiency would have cancelled out his policies in a mere stroke of a pen atleast in a female vote. He looked baaad that my kids asked to have the channel changed! Can I blame his looks on Luzira? Phew!! If Kagame stood now, my vote will certaily be his even before his manifesto airs, because he looks alot more in charge and handsome. Period! Whilst here, I learn't to never overlook the power of charming personality. Ask Bill Clinton...

I can not get over the fact that Hopes is rooting for the Green Party, for christ's sake give me a break! Green party split the Liberal votes, poaching on NDP territory. If he was an ardent Greenist wouldn't he be riding a bike or buy a hybrid car instead of a Jeep gas guzzler? Double standards is an understatement for he does not even bother recycling waste, well other than lecturing me about it. Actions bwana, are better than words.

My assignments are begging for attention so ciao I am out like the Green Party of Canada.