Friday, February 11, 2005

Hotel Rwanda deserves my second attention

I am standing with my eldest daughter Faith
outside a cinema hall on Upper James Road in
the Hamilton Mountains.

Did anybody bother watching the Hotel Rwanda movie? I did early this month, and i am sure will go back tomorrow to watch it again with my 'nfiira bulago' Fausta at the Jackson Square in Hamilton downtown.

Hopes picked me up from work and dropped me off at Henderson hospital. I am soon going for my delayed knee surgery and i gather its important i made these trips...waste of time, in my opinion. My car is back! Goodbye Hopes at looong last...

There is this letter i have just received from Union Gas. Are these guyz nuts or what? Mbu the rates are going up again, how can one survive in this jungle of greed!! Hopes is anti-capitalism, with what is going on here lately, i may jump on his band wagon and take these trips to anti-globalisation protests, seminars and gatherings. Next time around my vote is going NDP (Liberal Socialists in Canada), Martin and Mcguinty's Liberals are turning out to be wolves in sheep skin!

By the way, this Washington budget released yesterday was a fuss! Jesus, who is this moron fooling playing around with numbers? In a national budget and u happen to miss 2 trillion dollars of expenditure mean't for Iraq and Afghanistan is not just a minor over sight. And whats up with their social security program? Go figure!

Give that great nation 5 years with this hands off admnistration and it will be crambling like play cards! We do not need a weak America here in Canada. A lesson learn't here folks, vote wisely and most importantly strategically.