Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Showed Up with My Mouth Shut

1) Inshutis, I do not know about you but believe me I am better off chilling somewhere in the Sahara than Ontario! The weather in this part of the world is brutal lately. That my fried egg will easily be well done on the hood of my Passat is an understatement. With all these irrefutable signs of global warming and the damn temperature already having a devastating impact on people, landscape and wildlife, how on planet earth can the conservatives in Washington and their new born cousins in Ottawa be so disconnected from reality? I will spare the weatherman from my unending complaints; January will be here before we know it.

2) My friend Nada just dumped her model boyfriend, reason? Inquiring minds (courtesy of Chuck) want to know; do real men wear cologne?

3) Hey Muhakanizi and Bella, I am feasting on a humble pie right now. Just landed a you tube of Andrea Bargnani, the 2006 NBA draft 'numero uno.' The SOB is unconscious beyond the ark, dropping treys like its hot, and what's up with that sick cross over move at the Vegas summer league....I am sold on him and that's my final word so get off my case! BTW, check out this And1 athletic dude, just gat himself in the genius book of world records with his sickening 720 dunk. No spin here and the video is not

4) Now I know why the turbulence in the Middle East will go on for generations to come

Monday, July 17, 2006; Kiryat Shmona. Israeli
girls write messages on a shell at a heavy artillery
position to be fired into Lebanon.

...and to that, the Lebanese respond. "To the children of Israel, Thank you. We have received your peaceful gifts here in Qana."

5) With the Qana massacre and the dirty bombs dropped in Beirut and Gaza, Olmert just made it more difficult for himself and his cheer leaders in Washington to distance themselves from the factual assertion of Israeli state terror. just become the first terrorist to use a dirty bomb on non-combatants. One question for u though; how did you get to beat Osama and his terrorist friends in P'yongyang and Tehran to the finish line? I know, I know you are some smart guy.

GR8ONES4 queries;

6) Isn't making a smoking section in a restaurant or airplane like making a peeing section in a swimming pool? Hats off to the Liberals in Ontario, they not only passed the law banning smoking anywhere under a roofed enclosure but also stood by it whilst under pressure from powerful smoking lobbyists.

7) Ever wonder what the heck name abbr. and shortenings accomplish? Respectability, popularity, instills fear? if Kaguta is known as "Kags," the Jacksonville Jaguars as " Jags," Ninsiima as "Ninsy," Toronto Raptors as "Raps," or Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the "Bucs," what does that make the Tennessee Titans?

8) My friend Meere thinks Dr. Kiiza Besigye is a cutie...never mind her, it must be the heat wave going bonkers on her.

9) Lets get this straight, you cast a presidential vote today and wait 30 days for results, damn it. Apparently, this is an acceptable practice by the elections body in Kinshasa, if Wana's attestations are anything to go by. I hope the Congolese mojo is back for good.

10) "If Israel is not in violation of the principle of proportionality, by which Christians are to judge the conduct of a just war, what can that term mean? There are 600 civilian dead in Lebanon, 19 in Israel, a ratio of 30-1, though Hezbollah is firing unguided rockets, while Israel is using precision-guided munitions.
Thousands of Lebanese civilians are injured. Perhaps 800,000 are homeless." -
Pat Buchanan. Remember this dude?

11) Trust humans coming up with philosophical terms like knocking photo-journalists over with a non-inviting term Paparazzi. Now, if you are a cunning up to no good rascal, the malevolent world I live in will happily call you a Materazzi. If you figure there is a Materazzi in your life click HERE and you will automatically turn into Sheriff Zidane. Just left click to coup de boule/head butt all your Materazzis before the chief/ref catches up with you. Have fun.

I am out like Mr. Gagne, Nada's on and off beau...