Monday, February 21, 2005

Seems like this was a long weeked

Faith having a good laugh at the the sick people
of 65 Oxford.

I have not been able to lament for the past days!! I am back, this flu can throw anthing it has at me and i'll remain standing still. I was taught to stay positive but this invasion was so gruesome, i thought my last days aren't that far! Believe me people, my eyes have been opened all of a sudden to the realization that life is too short and now i want to see everybody, my big brothers and sisters, my parents, my...i am going crazy!! I miss them more than ever now!

I appreciate all your 'pagan' prayers, i am feeling fine now and i actually managed to shavel snow today, something i have NEVER done before. 20 inches of snow on the balcony and long side walk is no mean feat...Hopes will definately collapse in disbelief and it ain't fools day yet.

Did i ever mention i have cousins here in Ontario? Well, a bunch make Windsor home and two live in Ottawa, and by Ottawa i do not mean Mado Mushi. I am thinking this summer i should, NO we must reserve some time to go visit with them. Come to think about it, Ottawa itself has lots of my people to pile on...Mado and her family is one of 'em, there is Emanuel Ndungutse, Cosmas, ofcourse my cousins ...the list goes on! Wow, lets do it!

Hopes was playing some indoor soccer last thursday night with Faith when he re-injured his flimsy knee. Friday was hell for us, for the big baby sulked and limped around like he's been doing it for a living, and now my friends the SOB is back in full gear like nothing happened! In just three days he feels no pain despite reporting to work daily, in other words giving no rest to the bad knee! You know what i am thinking? Attention seeking, (or probably to avoid chores) and its a man thing.

As all of us hockey fans mentally got out of this NHL hockey season, and then, just like that, these 'deal negotiators' pulled us back in with utmost optimism only to get us out again this time with evident cruelity!! If u had missed my point, somebody opened a window of hope only for it to be slummed and sealed! I sympathise with Lemieux and Gretzky for thinking they were the long awaited NHL messiahs...pity!

On a good note though, i was impressed by the NBA All Star weekend. Chris Bosh should have been the MVP, not with that double double posted. The guy was a monster on the board, pretty impressive. The dunk contest virtually stole the show, Steve Nash and Amare Stoudamire soccer style dunk left me speech less and that is rare! I mean, very rare. But Josh Smith's dunk over the corky Kenyon Martin stole the day. Young blood , new athletism great future for the league.

I gatta find a way of having laundry done for me! My basement is loaded with the results of laundry postponement. It needs a skilled treasure hunter to find clean laundry for tomorrow or else we rebound! We don't want to be rebounding, so i figure i have no alternative but to crush the washing machine...ciao!!!