Friday, February 25, 2005

No breakfast, no cry, nooo.....

Getting ready to leave for the day's husstle

Jesus, has this ever happened to anybody? Primrose happened to get in the groove as always this morning, ingeniously filled water into the sugar jar added some flour and mingled her mixture with bananas! Needless to say i got out of the shower to a feeding daughter of mine evidently happy with her work! I am certain her doctor is going to be busy sometime today, that will mean a call from the day care to jeopadise the days work. Mama mia!

Nothing on the breakfast table goes smoothly without 'sucre' I am trying my coffee and the cereals are just as tasteless! This is disaster, it turns out neither Faith nor Prim settles for sugarless stuff, its all your fault Primrose or, come to think about it, was it Hopes the early riser who must have left that sugar jar at Primrose's mercy? Well, all in all, corn dogs and juice with some milk seemed a better alternative. Crisis management at work...ha, ha, ha...

I have just received a huge percel from the Ontario CS Tech Association. Holly molly, the thickness of this pamphlet is un-imaginable, larger than a text-book!! They require me to read through in 2 weeks whilst training at a CS department at any hospital prior to showing up for classes, are these guys serious? We will find out pretty soon.

I am missing my treo 300 cellular phone. I have looked everywhere possible in vain! Could it be that somebody snatched it or did i drop it? I am mad i can't seem to remember at all. I seldom use my phone for calls, its only for the PDA and MP3 playing sections. If i lose it that means lots of appointments, my to-do list, budget, contacts, and music will be lost and that is not it for the tragedy here is that i will slide back that easily to that disorganised mom syndrome without it!! I am losing it already...

The Federal Immigration minister, has come out throwing this week. All failed refugee claimants with Canadian born children or married to a Canadian will have their deportation orders waived. Thats long over due. I salute our MP Dave Christopherson (NDP) for exerting sense into the Liberals.

A case in question was a Ugandan lady i know living in Toronto with three Canadian born children being ordered deported after her refugee claim failed on credibility reasons. Why would Canadian kids be forced to leave their country to another with uncomparative standard of living? Anyways, those already deported, it has been ordered for them to return to their respective Canadian embassies for a speedy process to return! Shame on the Immigration and Refugee Board!

The Raptors win , the Raptors win and the victim was the Milwaukee Bucks. Did you guys see Mo Pete's defence on Micheal Reid? This guy is getting notoriety for shutting down supreme gunners, ask Vince Carter and Reid he kept them frustrated. Oh my Bosh, what a game he had. Could not be stopped all night, not even big fella Fizer could handle Bosh! Are the Raps gaining momentum? I hope so most especially that Kobe Bryant and the Lakers will be in town on sunday. The X factor in the Laker uniform will be Lamar Odom, Bosh must man handle this beast of the paint for the Raps to keep the streak.

Tomorrow Hamilton Bull dogs are skating against Cicinnati. I got some free tickets for the game and i hope to be there to root for the Bull dogs' quest for a play-off spot. I also made an appointment with Hopes' friend Geoggette to have Prim's hair re-braided. The problem is that, no time has been agreed on, Geoggette doesn't know exactly when her lectures at McMaster University will end, so i have to raise her up prior to setting off. I hope the timing does not collide with the Bull dog game.