Saturday, April 23, 2005

Oh Nooooooo, not another European Pope

Look who is dancing. John Paul (RIP) teaching
Pope Benedict XVI how to dance to his
conservative tunes.

Cardinal Ratzinger the new pontiff? Is it me or...? Didn't i see Ratzinger going into the conclave all but assured of falling into things? My imagination...? Anywayz that does not matter now, the man himself perhaps the architect of JP II's (RIP) conservative rhetoric is at the helm! Not that i dislike him, but we were kind of waiting for a non-european pope, one that would surely understand the pain and need of the suffering catholic majority in the developing world. A pope that sees pro-life in two or more magnifying glasses other than one. Surely if you are anti-abortion on the grounds of pro-life, then the catastrophe of HIV/AIDS (in this matter, condom use) should be realistically up there on your agenda.

Sshhh! The holy spirit has spoken...

What a yucky day this has been! To be factual, it has been raining non stop in this part of the world for three days now! The other day, Wana collected some guts to invite us over to a Congolese party on Ottawa street and Main. Nice gesture, but who is that brave to be in a funky mood whilst mother nature's still undecided on what season follows winter? Besides, Hopes had made up his mind to watch the NBA playoff, rooting for the Wizards against Vinsanity and his Nets. In case you are not informed the Toronto Raptors were eliminated! Eliminated? they did not even have the remotest chance making it big this season!!!

Somebody commented on the forthcoming British elections, thats when it occured to me that a while ago dailys here had screaming headlines going like Blair seeking third term! If my friends in Uganda had a stomach to take on any junk, they never gat around to it. Why then wouldn't anybody somewhere remind us that indefinate eligibility is democratic too. If you rely too much on American democracy you are in for a rollercoaster as no democracy is perfect. Democracy in America is quite a myth in my estimation.

Ladies, isn't it true that we are the actual or net heads of households? That, unfortunately, is the untold truth. As a head of mine, i find it hard to compromise with this democracy theme lest Hopes, ever in the opposition, takes over! Mmmmh, sickening thought! Wouldn't the likes of Blair, Museveni and Kagame cherish that compelling idea of having the simplicity of the vatican democracy with no challengers or term opposition in their respective backyards? We envy you Pope Benedicto XVI.

Come to think about it, don't i and Hopes (the leader of the opposition) ever at practical and ideological crossroads? I tend to think i am a straight arrow who follows virtues and rules, but he bends them as much as he possibly can. I get to a bus station 45 minutes ahead of time and he is this guy dashing to the gate at the last minute. Phew, he thinks planning a schedule at an earlier time, to quote him 'robs him of spontaneity'! He is going to fix something broken when there is need to, not when it is broken. Ofcourse his laptop, the Kenwood system, Tivo, all those electronic junk and his truck are exempted!

A couple of days ago i was having my hair braided at Myra's my Liberian rafiki! Myra's country lady Sylivia pays a courtesy call blowing off the roof with her endless humor. A stand up comic she is. It was brought to my attention later that Sylivia works with Hopes, but in different sections of their nursing department. Well, the next day Hopes comes home with this "i can't believe this" expression on his face. Apparently Sylivia had complemented me and figured i am a pleasantly good natured lady. Ofcourse, Hopes doesn't agree with that assessment, mbu that is my public relations at its best! I wonder, didn't he just steal my line? I can't win here.

I will be attending church tomorrow, this time around not a cyber church. I have good intentions of praying for myself, my family, the weakening Liberal minority govenment and above all Paapa Benedicto for wisdom in his new reign. Talking of the Liberals, Paul Martin was gasping for fresh air trying his best to put on a "I am the persecuted" face to no avail. I am afraid early elections are here, just that Martin has not got the point yet! Bless his soul, he wanted to be the PM sooo bad, that he forgot the tag that comes with it.