Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Is Faith being Faith or....?

Faith Kirabo getting ready for an in-door soccer

I went to work today, thank God. This was a late afternoon shift that runs to 11:00pm. Catherine my baby sitter did not disappoint, well, atleast i am happy. I need 600hrs to qualify for new Employment insurance benefits prior to my knee surgery. Tomorrow i will be honoring my 9:00am appointment with my surgeon for my first pre-OP session. It all sounds serious, but believe me, its way over hyped!

Did i ever mention being enrolled into a Certified CS Tech course by St. Peters' Hospital, my employer? Well, i am in possession of a letter from the Assossiation of Certified CST of Ontario (or something of sorts), accepting my application. I just heard from reliable sources, that this isn't pudding and that faileur rate has been high of late...i am shivering in my shoes already, men! Acqually the association advises us to train in a CS department at any hospital or corporation prior to commencing the course. You do not need a long, big nose to smell trouble here folks! The upside is the starting hourly wage rate is $22.00 - $25.00, isn't that motivation enough?

Faith keeps on pulling tricks on us. Very bad tricks, i am dismayed! Her dad bought her some new black boots, and emphasized to her that they were not mean't for school. Well, with the desire to show off, Faith has been smuggling the 'bulinyas' in her back pak or probably snow suit to school and changing into them later. Her luck run out this evening, when her older blue funky boots went missing which necessitated her coming back home in the black boots. Terrified that we are going to run riot, she pretended to be sick, ofcourse her body temp was normal. Now she is suggesting she gets another pair at school just incase her other shoes gets misplaced! Ingenious, but didn't we use to call that corruption? I am preparing for yet another mother to daughter lecture, to halt this growing trend of materialism.

I have just received an email from my brother Frank in Kigali. I am thrilled to hear our elder brother Don, a minister of Finance in that country is trying to put himself and family first by seeking ways to leave the ministry by standing for Presidency of the African Development Bank elections. God is great, how long have i prayed for just that, something to give him reason to be a brother again. I understand his chances greatly lie on lobbyists in the Kigali Admnistration, but atleast he has tried and for that i thank God.

I also understand my cousin Manzi is getting married in Kigali this march. I used to be close to Manzi during the renascence days of the Mosa Courts and actually lived together in Muyenga, Kampala until i landed an Executive job with Marasa Holdings and got attached to Mweya Safari Lodge. I am happy for him, infact i am going to make it paramount to search for his snap holed up somewhere in my archives for a future post. Thanks Frank for your updates.

Finally, Chris Webber has been traded by the Sacramental Kings to Philly in a six player deal. That is the least of my fantasy as that trade hurts the Raptors with the Philly's draft supposedly mean't for the Raps. By the trade deadline, i hope Rob Babcock makes a deal sending big money Jalen Rose and Donyell Marshall somewhere...we need to rebuild house here, people.

I run berseck on the annihilation of Man U at Old Trafford by AC Milan. Getting the ball off these disciplined Milan players is next to impossible. Great game that was, but i was wholly disappointed with Arsenal and Chelsea though both teams seem to have a good chance of qualifying not with that away goal rule.