Friday, July 21, 2006

Olmert and Nasrallah; Same Wine of Terror in Two Different Bottles

Before you watch that Ugandan bootlegged music video below or read through my rantings, let us first pray to the almighty for peace in the Middle East. Pray for all the innocent caught up in this quagmire of human evil and international disconnection and hypocrisy. Pray for the children living under such horror. Pray for the women who shed blood to bring a life on this planet and yet suffer the consequences of violence. Let us pray for wisdom; appreciate the reality that whether you are American, Rwandese, Canadian, Lebanese, Ugandan, Isreali, stateless et al. we are all humanly the same in blood and in manifestation of God.

At long last the World cup came to a rude close, like it is said every good thing comes to an end. As I contemplated on how I would be wasting my early morning time to replace the month long World cup rituals, things went bonkers in the Middle East in a blink. Suddenly, Iraq, Afghanistan, N. Korea, and the new Tsunami in Asia took a back seat! I am still puzzled at how things deteriorated drastically and so violently in so short a time. Puzzling still, is the wave of good press Israel is enjoying in the western world with each indiscriminate 'laser' bombing?

The disproportionate response to the capture of Israel soldiers is being justified with utmost tongue twisting in most of our daily tabloids. Jesus, it does not matter how you look at it, but terror is terror whether administered by Hezbollah or by Israel. Look up the definition in any dictionary and you will surely understand where I am coming from with this. The art of targeting people/civilians with deadly weapons is criminal whatever form it may be packaged. Remind me on this one, but we used to call such insanity "crimes against humanity" or war crimes in the good old days. Maybe I am missing something here, but haven't the international community tried Slobodan Milosovich at the Hague for the crimes he committed whilst president of Yugoslavia; pursued Joseph Kony; Intarahamwe and the agitators of genocide in Rwanda; Charlse Taylor et al. for acting in a manner that departs from the general appreciation of the "laws of humanity?" With these horrific events in the Middle East, the list just got longer.

Followers of the Middle East current affairs know for sure that this onslaught is not a result of self defense from Hezbollah katyusha rocket attacks and the capture of the two soldiers, but a well planned strategy to deface the new Arab identity from solidifying in Israeli’s vicinity. If that does not hold water, how then would we explain the savage and brutal attacks on civilians and Lebanon’s symbols of economical revival/development such as her infrastructure, power stations, business entities et al. or the continuing reference of Syria and Iran as sponsors of terror and the convenient relegation to oblivion the mention of the mammoth sponsorship Israeli terror receives from USA and her obedient allies. I say it again, terror is terror, there is no in between, no good terrorists and no bad terrorists especially when innocent civilians are dying in a hurry as collateral damage.

We also know that the capture of the two Israeli soldiers did not come as a surprise to the state of Israel since the Hezbollah leadership had been publically expressing their desire to capture Israeli troops as bargaining chips for Lebanese prisoners. Equally important, is the fact that Israeli has not only been violating Lebanon’s sovereignty but had continued to occupy some parts of southern Lebanon at will. With such 'bwiino' it is hard to ascertain who the aggressor is and who is justified to press the self defense mode button. The bottom line is that innocent people, women and children mostly, are dying as a result of this madness and just like in Rwanda, the world looks on in horror but doing nothing to stop the senseless carnage, which leaves the impression that some lives are worth more than others.

The effects of this will be felt far and wide and I am not talking about forking a buck more for gas (which is innevitable) but something permanently shaking our understanding and viewing of the world; if any of you thought everything will go back to normal after Israel and Hezbollah achieve their goals then think again. For starters, one thing is for sure; the young democracy in Lebanon is under siege from the very people that funded it. Go figure!! I say TERROR ON BOTH SIDES MUST STOP, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! And to that I say, amen.

My dear Yvette in Kampala 'you tubed' me with this killer hit from Uganda, I am drowned in the melodies of this song and I hope it chills down your frustrations and stress too. Meanwhile, my inshuti Laurette is on a mission to create a downloadable software that can help us bootleg you tube videos on to our PCs and also converting them to formats compartible with DVD recordables (mpeg etc) and VCD for free. Check this space.

Take care people; it is a wild world.