Sunday, May 01, 2005

...and God created gas to drown the wicked and sinners...

If gas is not a headache to you lately, can i know why?

Terrific!! Now gas prices have reached goliathan heights and still threatening a run away! By gas I mean this cheap, contaminated, poor quality unleaded gas politely refered to as premium. The unavoidable cost of filling up my tank with this premium gas is sinking my spirits even further to oblivion. Unavoidable, because my knee can hardly hold to the walking rigours! However, even with these hikes, 85% of Canadians are said to prefer the costly privacy of their cars to public transit! Go figure!

It does not take a genius to figure out who to blame, govenment. Sound familiar? McGuinty, ofcourse, has not yielded to popular pressure to scrap the gas tax as yet, but even if he did will it be of any help? I imagine our demand for the black gold has far exceeded its supply.

This is why responsible persons should demand ceasation of hostilities in Iraq and elsewhere! It is retarded not to imagine for instance that tens of thousands of huge, heavy and sophiscated tanks in Iraq alone guzzle gas like crazy, and that is just tanks in one place! Imagine what fighter planes, armoury cars, submarines, navy ships, humvees, helicopters, APCs etc consume in just a day. Probably three quarters of Rwanda's economy a day! People, direct your frustrations onto the real enemy and not your respective govenments.

Poor Faith has caught a flu and red eye. This is not a flu season, it still beats my mind. Just the other day i happened to do a thorough house cleaning, throwing out unused items like clothing with an intention of reducing on clutter and consequently dust, and now it has just occured to me that the basement has moulds (i think excess atmospheric water. I am not sure that makes sense), could that be the cause of her flu? Jesus, does this require me to contract a housekeeper? Phew!

That reminds me, Primrose's hearing test appointment is due tomorrow at 10:00am. I am confident this follow up test will concur with my satisfaction of a job well done by the ear surgery. I will not be at hand though, owing to the fact that i will be writing my mid-term English test by that time at Mohawk.

Last week Hopes received a mail from one of his OBs in Sweden. A Ugandan music DVD that has set ablaze this house-hold. Faith has particularly fallen in love with this "Kunjane" hit by Blackboy probably because of their seemingly africanized dance. Myself trust me, everything this one fella called Roy Kapere touched turned gold. That humorous hit "Mukyala Neighbor" has certainly won accolades with me. I wonder if somewhere, somehow such DVDs exist, they do not seem to be profiled on any e-commerce/internet to my knowledge. For a change we watched something african, not 50 cents, Ludacris or Snoop tracks and videos that seem to blow away all the time with their filthy and minimally censored immorality.

Frank you will be disappointed to learn that the past three days Hawaii pizza made our residence home. Even after those lengthy brotherly letters and my denials, i sneaked behind your back to cut cooking. Look, i am often sooo dead tired to give cooking a serious thought, and it was reported just the other day that reserving cooked food (especially rice) and warming it up again actually produces a chemical that is detrimental to our health! This fast world we live in, will certainly be our own doom. Hey, rest be assured that was a temporarly measure taken in the heat of the moment, the problem is Primrose has just fallen for the Hawaii...

We have just learn't from Festo, Hopes' cousin studying medicine in Moscow that he will for sure be in Ontario by July. He hopes to be here for three weeks. Some Canadian girl/lady probably studying with him invited him over to her place but promises to drop by often to catch up with their old times. Walugembe and Julia (Hopes' sister) are yet to comfirm.

Is anybody bothered by the NBA playoffs? Well, at least Vinsanity and his Newjersey Nets crushed out in the first round. God actually answers prayers, i am a believer. Shaq was not as dominant as i expected, but Dwayne Wade was their to make sure Jersey's fate is sealed. Bravo!