Saturday, February 26, 2005

Is laughter therapy for me?

Primrose posing next to her bedroom

I woke up this morning with a start! It was a couple of minutes to 6:00am and my shift commences at 6:00 am. You can imagine how crazy that moment was as i tossed my flesh all over trying to pinch some seconds off the clock! Oh boy, then i couldn't trace my car keys. To cut the long and agonizing story short, I ended up bending low for Hopes' truck and that, my friends, is not what i call fun. What a character this Hopes can be!

This whole 'borrow me your truck' thing ends up with Hopes at the wheels. He figures i am going to run into something and ruin his car, have his insurance raise even further....jesus! We made it to St. Peters' hospital in just 17 minutes, but not without encounters. We got stopped by the cops for running way over speed limits!! It turns out the policewoman knew Hopes from some place and after small chat and a warning he was given a pat on his back, narrowly escaping a speeding ticket...phew!! There goes future chances of emergency drop offs from Hopes, I am more than certain of that.

Geoggette made my day by cancelling Primrose's hair braiding appointment in favour of Sunday. That mean't Bulldogs' hockey game is on. The Copps Coliseum is actually a stone's throw away from our crib, so we hoofed. What better way to enjoy the fresh air and nature than a 20 minute walk. As expected the Bulldogs overpowered their hopeless prey.

My knee seems to act up again! I could not be efficient enough at work with it and yet here i was walking to the coliseum for AHL hockey. I am still trying to get the required hours to qualify for Employment Insurance but at what price? I have tried to take pain medications, putting on knee braces, using pain and anti-inflammatory creams, mention it, in vain! For the first time, i am actually looking forward to this long awaited surgery.

I missed filing in my calculus assignment. You want the truth? Well, my lazy bum did not get around to work for the assignment! Can u blame me? It has been a long day, first i get up late, the cops stopping us for speeding and lastly the hockey game that ended at 11:15 pm. Great! You probably are wondering how i could have screwed up my priorities, but free hockey tickets do not come by that often...the chance comes once, besides that i seldom have time for ME! Gatta be selfish once in a while.

A study from one of Australia's universities (don't bother asking me which one) found that laughing and having some quality time for yourself are sure ways of managing stress, longivity and good health in no special order. I am looking around for a laughing therapy 'bufundas' which i hear are mushrooming all over Canada to try it out, not that i don't laugh but to be a desciplined stress manager. It reminded me of that great old song "don't worry be happy" Preew, the only sure way you can always be happy in this purely capitalist world, is by getting on some kind of drugs! Mama mia.