Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mission add some pounds on

I am trying my level best to have a
model-like pose, to no avail.

After ten days of pure hell, I feel released from that horrible spell of illness! The inevitable happened though, I lost so much weight that I am in a state of panic. I am not a glutton, but this time around i have to stuff junk in me to get back my full figure, what folks famously call pleasantly plump in this part of the world! Pray for me.

I have not gone to work for quite a bit and these folks aren't giving me a call. Just yesterday we were doing our family balance sheet only to realize we are way below normal, or rather in huge deficits. The stress is back again, and balancing our finances needs working longer hours or cutting on our expenses. Both options are bad to consider i need another one, thats for sure. But auto Insurance has to suffer a dent...

The abnormal insurance profits is a big story around here. Mbu these huge Insurance Companies made a collective net profit of more than 2 billions last year!! Thats criminal considering the way they keep nailing us, their customers, each day! Insurance here is compulsory and yet these companies enjoy a semi-monopoly in this Insurance world of business. Hopes and Kamau have just written a letter to our MP Christopherson urging him to do something about this insurance thing...ontario residents are protesting in record numbers, but who is listening? Nobody!

My knee surgery will be due soon. I was at Human resource Canada trying to fill out applications for employment insurance. Who could have advised Human Resorce Canada to move from downtown? It is not accessible any more, we found one at Queenstone in Stoney Creek and i hear the other is in the Mountains of Hamilton. How could that have happened? Another campaign should commence soon to have a HRC office here in downtown for christ's sake! Back to the point, with my knee surgery our finances will take another hit!! I will have to drop out of school again for a while. I am not trying to be an alarmist here, but its a necessary evil.

I was informed by Mrs Kerr, Faith's teacher at her Junior Kindergarten that Faith is the best student in her class. You cannot fanthom the wide grin that beddecked me. The report also says that she is sometimes a bully towards some of her classmates and plays a lot in class. I have to figure out how to cure the negatives without affecting her strides in learning. Do i need to buy a book for that? should i go for a Child Psychology course? If u had not figured this out yet, parenting is a full time job and i only afford my daughters only a quarter of my time!

Hurray! The Raptors at last had a feast over somebody...this time Vince and his New Jersay Nets. That was a sound wallop. This antlantic division is so sickening that everybody has a chance to the playoffs.

Not again, Barry Bonds the sterroids user on the screen trying to do damage control? Horrible work Barry, u just sunk public opinion further...can't anybody apologise these days?

The National budget is out, and i can't figure out the deal here, apart from the income tax cuts which by the way is negligible in my humble opinion. Bwana Paul Martin has tried to put his foot down in vain...is this the premier we voted for a just a clone without a clue, i am puking already!!