Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Washington; In Dire Need of a Common-sense Revolution.

The Fiscal I.Q at Washington is just another example of
despoil of self-worth, national pride and integrity.

Dear God, the almighty. I may not be religious enough. I do not deny my deviant and immoral thoughts and deeds, yet I turn my pleas to you in desperation as I always do. Tonight, by my children's bedside(s), I will be praying to you once again to keep the Washington iconoclasts away from the idiocrisy of influencing strategy in Ottawa. In return I will go for a sex change and become a monk.

It is true people, the ignoramus crowd in Washington just lifted the national debt ceiling to accommodate their fiscally unsustainable projects and now they are actually starting to flirt with their cretin cousins in Ottawa! A mere thought of that gives me goose pimples. Do you still wonder why ours is a debt geared society with more than 60% of North Americans fighting for bragging rights in maxing out the plastic...more goose pimples!!? Ooooh

Hopes is back from 'oblivion'... Hurray. The physicians categorically made it clear to him to consider divorcing himself from beer and liquor. I do not see that happening though, Budweiser has been rivaled only by heinekken as his favorite past time. Atleast, now I have to rediscover my old plan of visiting with the old cribs in Kigali, Mbarara (hello Katunguru and the Mweya fratenity) and Kampala this coming summer and having him prepare my tax returns before the deadline. That eradicates two worries off the distraction list whilst preparing for my exams.

Damn, exams on Tuesday, and my chances of landing an A+ on these exams are as same as winning a loto; or Matt Bonner buying new T-mac balling nike snickers; or Habyarimana getting a retrial. If you follow the NBA religiously as my household does, you probably have crossed paths with Matt, Toronto Raptors' freaky red haired beyond the arc jump shooter, whose popularity is more for his sticky hands than treys. It became a big story when the poor lad figured a toonie ($2) more for extra meat on his sub (sandwich) was a rip off!! The guy makes $2 million a season (actually 8 months) and yet he owns no car, has no cable TV and a toonie more on a sub is money wasted. That is not endearing, it is pathological. Come to think about it, I hate my chances even more.

Talking of Kampala, our eyes were fixed on the elections there, the results hadly shocked me. The most intriguing part of the whole process was the loser coming up with an ingenious scheme of engaging the constitutional law in a dire attempt to have the electoral results nullified on flimsy grounds. Having been actively involved in the electoral process here, I know that it is the voters obligation to verify the information provided to them on say voter's cards prior to the day of election. It is a human thing to act surprised when your name is missing and had made no effort to consult with the disclosed voter registers prior to the big day but entirely another thing if you decide to hold the whole process in vain as a result of your incompetence. Free and fair? That is probably the most overrated utterance I've heard in my life. If life was that perfect we would not need credit cards (just to borrow a leaf from one humorous TV commercials here). Jesus, impart sense in the two time loser to come to grips with reality and vacate the leadership of FDC. That is the least we expect of our politicians here when they fail to attain the instruments of the state TWICE!! The only saddening part of this exercise is that my uncle lost his Kampala seat!! To that I say, the silent majority spoke.

I had the pleasure of having a glimpse at Rwandese and Ugandan blogs. I was fascinated by most of them. One actually mentioned blogging from a street cafe which of course sounds like he departed with a fortune for his efforts. That in my small world, is courage and determination to get a head in this competitive world of ours.

One topic that caught my eye on these blogs, was the Rwandese diplomat fiasco and the numerous conspiracy theories making rounds in this 'civilised' world of blogging. I would not be the first to throw a stone at the diplomat nor the first to protect him against the stone throwers. Well, like I said to Ivan at Ivan presents, knowing the pervesity of lifestyles in both countries, I wouldn't discard the worst just yet. I am still wondering who the victim is; is it the adulterers, the diplomat, the husband, Abanyarwanda or Abagande. There is a problem if a state starts relying on propaganda machines at any slight opportunity, hoping that their audience has no eyes to see through an open window. Lol. Like I said before, we all need that common-sense revolution to put us in line. Amen.

I am out like the Bushites and their increasingly depleting approval ratings.