Sunday, February 27, 2005

I am a believer

This picture gives the impression that Faith is taking some modelling classes

If you have not heard this ladies and gentlemen, then here it is...there is a snow storm and blizzard warning for Ontario and the Eastern Maritime regions!!! Didn't i table a motion to impeach the groundhog a couple of days ago? There is nothing at the moment getting to my nerves like these serial snow storms. I hear we are stuck with them till thursday. Oh, great!

I just saw a clip of Western Canada, i think Victoria in British Colombia province, basking in summer-like weather. These folks were actually strolling around in shorts, no kidding! When somebody, a while ago mentioned to me to move to BC i thought he was going nuts. The cost of living is high, but hey u get to enjoy better weather than what we have here. It needs a thought or two for sure.

It was Primrose's D-day for her hair braiding, but to be mild, i understand she gave Geoggette a hard time! She kept on running up and down to Geoggette's detriment. The braiding was finally finished at around 9:00 pm nearly 7 hours. Geoggette wasn't amused at all. She had figured it will take 3 hours and off she'll leave for the Mcmaster library to prepare for her Micro-biology test. One thing is for sure, i was impressed by her braiding. Neat piece of work.

Talking of tests, i had to prepare for my Calculus 2 test. I have a tutor that has made my understanding of mathematics easier. Look, i hated anything that dealt with figures and imagined people engrossed deep in formulas and equations were half men, half amazing! Now, i hold a different view. Infact lost souls dealing with essays, reading, writing and researching have a hell of a job on their hands because to be truthful its way boring. That does not mean i got everything figured out, NOPE! Just put me in your prayers.

Somebody went over board and ruined Primrose's diapers!! I am assuming this is Primrose herself!! Now, i got to go back to stores looking for diapers for we cannot do without them! I am sick and tired of emergency spending, and they seem to be cropping up all of a sudden in this house hold. These diapers (a bag of 48) costs close to $20.00 and lasts at a maximum of 12 the math people, looks like soon we'll rather skip food for diapers! Gross!!

The grammy awards were here finally, but it was much ado about nothing!! Boring watching what others think was the best movie, best actor, jesus somebody has to think for us here all the time it seems. Who does the choosing? Probably they do it under duress, may be fitigued or high on drugs for in my best estimation i figured Hotel Rwanda should not have lost out sooo badly!! Revolutionalize, do they call this democratize, the grammies gentlemen! Same old story, who cares!

Now something sent me to bed thrilled, the Raptors made minced meat out of the Los Angels Lakers in style. I am a believer, people! Kobe bryant was beginning to run riot in the first half with 21 points, but trust Mo Pete, when asked to guard the notorious gunner things fell apart for the Lakers. Lamar Odom was simply a pedestrian in the game, he does not seem to have the desire and fire any more...the LA ship is sinking, somebody send an SOS!!