Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Did The Apocalypse Pass Me By?

Trying new tricks with the Nikon D50, the trick was to make everything other than our faces B&W, and oh shortening our legs by compression. That’s me wearing a marooned out blazer and next to me is Hopes. Justine stands at the extreme end.

All my nshutis, it is official we all survived the fore told apocalypse in one piece, at least my family did. Do you remember sitting up from midnight waiting for something horrible to happen during the Y2K? Yesterday was no different but a freaky weird day in its own right, apparently the biblical 666 was to somehow manifest the end of the world on 06-06-06 (6th June, 2006). It seemed like a normal day to most folks, but to a devoted Christian waiting for Armageddon, and who has watched "The Omen" movies and has read numerous end-of-time novels like Tim LaHaye's best seller "Left Behind" the day was worth betting on at a service that posted 10-1 odds that there will be an apocalypse. Though the odds of the world surviving 'black Tuesday' were far much better, betting on the odds of the apocalypse would have netted one devotee a cool $10 millions. The question asked by everybody is how the winner would have collected, since they will be in heaven. Lol.

The only bad thing was all those babies that have been robbed of their actual birthdays because their expectant mothers were so afraid of bearing an anti-Christ child that they had their appointments to induce labor meant for Tuesday changed to either Monday or Wednesday. We are now being prepared vigorously for the end-of-times by most evangelicals at Rapture Ready with innuendoes like "fasten your belts..." I have been asked to access a book called "Nostradamus: Countdown to the Apocalypse and into the 21st century" written by Jean-Charles de Fortbrure, (I think) mbu I will be taken aback by some of his predictions that are creepy. For starters "The Countdown to Armageddon" by Paul McGuire will rhyme closer to home, so go get it if you are so true into the book of Revelation.

O.K people, lets get to earth shall we? If you are like me who is pissed off by ubiquitous integrated voice response systems usually called 'Emily' every time you call big government offices or corporations, you should be smiling now because a U.S. based database company that offers shortcuts to reach humans other than voiced computers, that offer no help but usually ask you to hold the line for the "next available agent to take your call," has come up with a valuable cheat sheet you can use to by pass Emily. One of them is to press '0' or # sign at each prompt, or absolutely saying nothing which always confuses the computer. Well most offices that use these IVRS may have a point when they say these systems are cost effective and time saving, but they are more often abused by the bureaucrats seeking maximum comfort and minimum service to the public. Alas, I don't have to wait on-line for half an hour anymore. Thank God.

I am not sure how auto theft is treated in Rwanda and Uganda, but here in Canada it is treated as a simple property crime equated to household thefts like a stereo or bike! Section 334 of the of the Criminal Code treats auto theft just like that, a theft. That is absurd most especially when you glance at statistics from the OPP and Insurance Bureau of Canada that tell a disheartening story that many stolen vehicles are either involved in fatal accidents or used in gang related activities that often lead to deaths of innocent people. A recent spell of gang violence in North York, Toronto has ignited combined efforts to strengthen gun control in the province but none of the politicians has considered the fact that deaths caused by auto accidents far surpass gun deaths. My friend's car, a Malibu, was stolen a week ago only to be found in Scarborough involved in a deadly accident that killed a pregnant woman from the Bahamas here visiting with her sister. The young lad driving, probably the thief is in custody, but knowing judges here a lenient sentence awaits!

Word of a victory in favor of democracy and freedom has been doing rounds here the passed hour. The senate in U.S. has rejected a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage hyped by dubya. They (dubya-ists) are now saying that the defeat is not in the wisdom of the American people and that it does not serve the interest of their 'great' nation. Wow, all along I have been thinking that the strengths of U.S. lay in the fundamentals of human rights and freedoms they enjoyed. I was wrong, but I should have known better because even their democracy is a great myth where certain voters can easily be disfranchised! Governments should not choose for us what we should do and not everybody is Christian or Muslim et al. to adhere to such religious norms cushioned in federal laws. The senate has now kicked Uncle Sam out of the American bedrooms so please bring, all other liberties and freedoms you dubyas profess to stand for, back to the American people.

Pay attention to the WC Brazil shades that costs a fortune.
These were damn FREE.

I can't believe the world cup is finally here. The hype is too much for me to handle and yet I have not zeroed in on some bucks to meet a certain need...a new TiVo or a DVD recorder and time is running out! The other day free Nike WC Brazil shades were given out to all of us that did a Umuganda around the Hamilton Art Gallery and Jackson square for the environment. Umuganda is a Kinyarwanda word for a country wide ggwanga mujje cleaning up for occasions or for bulungi bwansi every Saturday by all Rwandese citizens. Of course, the gipangu owners cheat the system leaving moderate and poor baturagyes to toil. Anyways yesterday somebody mentioned that these shades can go for $200! OMG! Any takers? I will try my luck on eBay, maybe and if not so, keep them for bragging rights just in case Brazil wins this thing again.

I am out like the Armageddon...