Friday, January 27, 2006

Hamilton Just Turned Orange; NDP Sweeps Hamilton

NDP's Chris Chalton working the phones whilst results of her Hamilton Mountain riding victory poured in.

I am no prophet or soothsayer, but I said it here, loud and clear that our goal for the great city of Hamilton was to put the wrong right. Apparently we did a splendid job cleaning up the red mess of the Liberals in our city and giving a convincing mandate to the orange social revolutionaries of NDP. I toiled just like other NDP volunteers the whole day tracking down notable mop bearers to make sure we are sure of victory. Have you noticed the wave of the socialist liberals or leftist change sweeping across the globe? Latin America is turning back the clocks and Hamas is bracing for victory in a historic Palestinian election to mention but a few. What Harper responded with was a swift move of the Conservatives to the centre helping him to win atleast a minority mandate. A lesson learnt; you want power in Canada you gatta atleast pretend you appreciate the idiosyncrasy of a socialist liberal.

David Christopherson is back to represent Central Hamilton, Chris Chalton whose luck was always tucked away by the genie the past three attempts finally got noticed by the electorate for her great work for the Mountain. The fact that she tried three times (losing by narrow margins) without quitting is testimony enough of her strong character. Pull out your heineken and gulp it to her health and the sweet victory, and you know what? It is on me. You folks remember Paul Martin's great rafiki and political catalyst, the one only famed house leader Toni Valeri from Stoney Creek- Hamilton the slayer of establishment Goliaths, well he fell to a political David, the NDP low key challenger Wayne Marston to complete the Hamilton sweep, ofcourse off setting conservative David Sweet's victory in Ancaster and Flamborough. Sheila Copps the gallant Liberal must be thrilled not after Paul Martin's aka Valeri's down right thuggery against her last time around. One thing is for sure, politics is a blood spot but atleast we are at the helm of that this time. I'll drink to that, pheew!!

The Ugandans are in full gear rallying for their elections too, well atleast that's what they want us to believe. Unlike here in Canada, where the urban electorate decide the next Premier, back there it is the rural electorate, the villagers with the power. Interesting how politics is run in African countries, opposing parties are certain of their defeat and to that effect orchestrate unrest and indeed fore tell chaos. It is a formidable tactic most use as a fundamental basis to discredit results at the end of the day. Equally disheartening, those in power grossly benefit from state resources funded by tax payers to the detriment of the hopeless opposition.

OK, we all harbor short memories once in a while, but if you do not learn from history, even that history so recent like Kenya's last elections then you are the wrong person to take and protect the instruments of the state. Didn't the Kenyan opposition politicians, most of them former KANU biggies, gang up against Moi without well set standards and guidelines or manifesto to guide them other than one unifying factor, to topple Moi? Well, as soon as their goal was met chaos broke loose from fighting for political weight or office to outright thuggery!! My Kenyan friends like Kamau who blew change trumpets before now hide their heads in the Sahara sand like ostriches. We still shudder at the thought of the gross mismanagement in that once beautiful country!! If there is nothing to learn from that Ugandans then nothing ever will! I said it here...

Happy birthday Faith, you just turned 6...ooohlaa, horaaay. She saw her picture in the Hamilton Spectator classified under announcements hanged high at her school and felt a million times grand, if she had her own blog, you would have heard more about this, for sure. The ugly part of her birthday is a reminder that she outsprints her clothes so often that the widening of that dent in our finances is more than certain. Don't we buy extra size pants for instance to fit for atleast 6 months only to be outgrown in a month? I am soon getting a customer of the year award at the Value Village, Walmart and Zellers, and that is not a braging right to hang on my walls! Go figure! Anyways;

Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear Faith,
happy birthday to you.

I am out like Toni Valeri.