Monday, February 07, 2005

What a Monday

What a beautiful day weather-wise. Who am i kidding, my Passat has just been towed to Varga's by Hopes and his crew! Hopes had imagined the symptom may be that of water in gas or bad connection on the distributor, needless to say he was wrong again!!!! The bad news, i have to bend so low to have him drop me off places...that can't be a beautiful day!

I had to be in a Calculus class at 6:30pm, but Hamilton transit didn't seem to be sympathetic. I come back home at 9:00pm to find Hopes deep in bed, mbu soar throat and fever have finally 'discovered' him and worse still he had no news from Vargas...somebody loan me a gun.

Tomorrow will be Primrose's surgery. We have to be at McMaster Hospital, at 7:00am, that means i better give my Rwandese body an early rest...grumbling as usual.