Monday, February 14, 2005

Medicated for death?

It is raining cats and dogs since this morning! The weather man isn't so sympathetic with his forecast for tomorrow. The truth is i can't stand snow, so let it rain, London style and i'll still beddeck a smile.

My auto insurance has just gone up by 15%!!! Do the math, thats a fortune for christ's sake! I wonder if this Insurance monopoly here in Ontario isn't a brain child of the mafioso! Ontario, by the way, seems to be the only province with price increases that do not correspond with inflation. Accomodation rentals for instance go up every year, mbu the laws of the land guarantees just that to the landlords.

The medication i got for pain is drowsing me out of existence. Look, one pill sends me to kingdom come just like that. I hope the Pharmacist didn't imagine i am a 'depressed house wife' calling out for help! LOL!! Drug companies and their Physician accomplices would do anything to stay in business by keeping humanity sick and unhealthy. That is a conspiracy theory that holds water..."uncivilized cultures" like mine often have a herb or plant that heals u in a blink, believe me! Yet here i am treating the problem, and then treating side effects, then after side effects and then...Jesus! We are being made a drug dependant society, and drugs are chemicals and chemicals kills in whatever form of accumulation! Do u see where i am going, can the real terrorist please stand up? Aren't these crimes against humanity? Kidding.

Faith hardly slept at night. She kept waking up with a start and screaming. Nightmares, men with swords trying to kill her! God, i have been robbed of the only time for a successful sleep therapy session. I need one pretty bad now.