Tuesday, March 15, 2005

We do not need judges on the American idol to help us vote

A close look at Faith's messed up bedroom early this morning.

We expect some flurries today and on thursday. By flurries, for those lucky ones in warm countries, i mean light snow! Its only 5 days to bid farewell to winter, yet it shows no signs of packing up for that journey back to the north pole. If u thought we hold grudges, you are dead wrong. Apparently Mr winter is taking this title in style.

I left for my place of work to check on the human resource. You see, i have not heard from them since my surgery and yet i need all the information from them to furnish Human Resource Canada for my employment insurance. It turns out head office has to compile and redirect my records to my place of work for them to proceed! Long story, i am beginning to believe this assertion that bureaucracy is a human trait.

RCMP is passing warnings to public about fundraising scums preying on canadians mourning the four mounties slain in Alberta. Aren't people getting more mean mannered? In St. John's, Newfoundland thieves ransacked the office of the Canadian Redcross after the tsunami tragedy. They did not find any money, but trust your guts they left a big mess! We are being advised never to interrupt a burglary lest u pay with your life! Ghee!

I understand a contestant on American idol pulled out of the competition for unknown reasons of course! I wonder why these lousy judges that include Paula Abdul try to influence our votes all the time? I suggest they should not be having these people sitted there telling us who sounded awful like we can not tell, we the voting fans! What the hell is this society of ours getting to? Lobbyists here, lobbyists there just give us freedom of mind to make self conceived judgements, just give us a break! We have our tastes, u have yours and they are way DIFFERENT!

I have not rested my knee that much today, i can feel the effects big time. The Doctor is exerting pressure for me to commence Physiotherapy! I am trying like hell to make my point, that it won't be possible until i am bank rolled, in vain. Everything that will ensure this cash inflow, is currently tied up in a string of bureaucracies! What a frustration.

By the way, have u heard this? A break through in the cancer world. Mbu a study by canadian and european researchers have found a drug that disrupts DNA to stop cancer cells from multiplying can prolong the lives of people with the most common and deadliest type of brain tumor. Intriguing.

I am lucky today, i will not be cooking! Reason? I have just noticed we have packaged fish and chips in the freezer. Phew! Those are some hours saved to rest my leg. Who am i kidding, its best i gat tucked in bed for today. Ciao.