Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Primrose's surgery a success

Getting ready to leave for McMaster Hospital.
Primrose had a surgery operation appointment at

Once again Ontario is basking in spring-like weather in February! That, my friends, is a miracle.

Primrose has her tubes inserted in her ears at 10:45am without incident...successful operation! Faith declined to accompany us to Mac, mbu she is better off at 'Big' school than at hospital. I can't believe she actually said no to putting on a snow suit. "There is no snow and its sunny" she insisted, but my dear Faith laws are laws in ya country...anyways i won and that made her to rethink giving us a well deserved push to hospital.

Hopes is off today, but has disappeared in thin air...no word from Vargas and i am about to run riot, and here comes Cathy my baby sitter, mbu she misplaced her last check! I have to cancel that check then raise another one. Faridah Namirembe has just left a message, i gatta get back to her, she had melted off the earth and we have lots to gossip about.

Hopes is here at last! My Passat? Zero, do u blame me for blowing up? He chips in courageously "do u have the bucks?" That, folks, was a winner on his part, i had not given money that much of a thought. He is off the hook for today, lucky bustard!